D.Danesh : Progress Report 2

Designing the Badge

In this part I will be designing a pin-badge. The pin badge is designed to be printed on a flat white sheet of plastic and cut out according to it’s shape.

The mascot created is imported into a new Photoshop document and the body is erased. A speech bubble is created at the back using the ellipse tool and the speech bubble tail’s outline is drawn on a new layer. A layer is added below the speech bubble tail’s outline and painted white. A text “REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE” is written in Impact font. The text is converted into a smart object and given a “Graphic Pen” filter. An image of a globe is added to the right. Two additional layers are added to draw and fill the speech-bubble’s tail. The sharp point of the mascot’s head is edited to make it less pointy.



The globe is taken from a free resource website. By TrueMitra at FreeVectors.com



The result :




This same design is also suitable for placement at dustbins and recycle bins throughout INTI campus.

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