Key Principles of Graphic Design


Graphic design is meaning that the communication and expression through the ways to create and combines the word, image and element to convey ideas and messages. It can use typography, layout and visual art for meet the planning purpose. Design is the combination of act and science, but design and art are different, design is use to meet the practicality, idea of people and also people oriented, is one requires not just decoration. There are some important key principle of graphic design, first is alignment. Strong and clear edge will create a strong sharp impression. By using alignment, the design will much better than without using the alignment, it look nice and would not look messy. Alignment is one of the most important method to design, it can get the balance of the design and make the design look better and does not look messy.

Rather than that, repetition is the one of the key principle of graphic design. Repetition is repeat the same tool or symbol that had been used. To let the design connection and match to another. For example using in the font size, colour, alignment, fonts, symbol and lines to balance the design, would not let the design look confuse to people with the use of repeat font or colour. In addition, proximity help to grouping the similar colour or element together in the design. Proximity is the principle that will provide the idea to the people where the starting point to read is and where the ending point is, to let people easy and fast to understand the message inside the design. It help to connect and close together the far apart element to another.

Besides that, contrast is the different of two items in the design, highlight of one item that can get attention of people. Design to easy and fast to let people understand the highlight or the main point of the poster or design. Contrast can be used in a font, size, colour, blank lines, items and other places, but  if wanted the contrast to be effective, be strong, must let the both items look big different between each other , otherwise it looks like choreography errors occurred. By using two item, the main point design with big size font and red colour to attract people’s eyes. For example using different size and colour in two word and described the different meaning of the word, highlight the main point, two different colour of word with different meaning. Other than that, white space inside the design is also one of the principle of graphic design. If one design put a lot of font, item, element inside with only a little space, it will let people feel so full and so tired to use eyes to read all the font or item inside the design. So that all the design must have the enough white space to let people easy to understand and wound let the eyes got enough breath. With the all key principle above, we can easily to design a good and simple design that can attract people eyes.With the use of pikto chart, i design with dark color as background and the word with soft  color.

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