Progress Report 1

The objective of this progress report which is design a poster for the Inti International University, to promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse & recycle) concept in the university campus. This poster will be placed around the campus area such as bridge, the walkway along the hostel street, academic block and others. So, the notion of the design to make it simple to get attention from audiences, and deliver the information as well. I’m using Adobe Photoshop to design it.

Firstly, I started off with the background design. The Paper texture is selected.


Figure 1.1

The wooden frame is selected, and I’m putting the frame outside the photo, to make it look like a photo frame which contain a photo (poster) inside.


Figure 1.2

Then, the 3Rs logo was imported, and I putting them in a staircase shape, which mean the step that we take to implementing the 3R.


Figure 1.3

Next, I’m insert our logo into the design, putting it on the top of left.


Figure 1.4



Figure 1.5

Then, the Inti logo also be inserted on it, putting on the top of right.


After that, the tree also be inserting at the middle. Our tagline also be putting on the design, which is on the top of the tree, to emphasize it and fill up the blank space. Besides, the “#lovewhereyoulive” and the 3R logo also be putting on top of the “Reduce” sign. Moreover, both of the logo has been readjusted the size and the position.


Figure 1.6



Lastly, our mascot which design by our member – Edward, also be putting on poster to make people easy to recognize it.


Figure 1.7

Here is the final product design of the poster.

Poster Screenshot

Figure 1.8



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