Progress Report 1

My aim in this report is to create a bookmark to INTI students that they can bring a long to class even when they are studying no matter in room, their own home. The colour of the bookmark that I have choose is Green colour. Most of the students’ eyes will be tired after their study or even face computer too long. Green colour is good for eyes.

Let’s start the design


Capture 1

This is the green leaf that I choose to become the Bookmark shape. Firstly, I crop out the shape.

Then, I create a new empty back ground and drag it into the new empty background.

Capture 3

After this completed, I insert text into it, which is the recycle concept.


Capture 4

Lastly, I put the 3R logo which is recycle,reuse and reduce logo.


same as i cut and drag into it.

Capture 5

Capture 6

The end of the design





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