Progression Report 1

My aim in this report is to create a design for the wall mural that would be placed in INTI university campus. The targeted background will be located next to the link bridge. To my consideration, normal wall mural might not bring as much effect to let the audience aware of the importance of 3R concept. Hence, it is needed that several idea to inspire the audience.


Let’s start with the design.


I’ve chose the backdrop of the mural to be black as it will easy me to draw focus to the content.



A normal green heart is the immediate idea that strikes on to me. However, it’s just the basic. I need something that is more to draw the attention. Hence, the 3D image idea falls in. A 3D image with a window that open from  the middle of the green hearts signifying open a space from the heart for more. The visual outside the window also saying open the heart for the nature. That could attract more significant focus.


Capture3 It is important that the mascot is inserted into the picture as to remind the audience of the 3R Campaign event.

Capture4A designed text for the mascot to clarify about the design is added



To make the mural to be even attractive, the extra text is added to the left side and the heart shape design is shifted to the right hand side. With that, the audiences are able to communicate with the image as they could stand underneath the checklist and act as they’re ready to involve in 3R events. They ability of the mural to attract audience to take picture with the mural is then increased. that could be reminding the audience of 3R for a longer period.





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