Group 2 Proposal

Group name: FuNature

1. Title

Implementation of 3 R’s Program in INTI-IU

2. Objectives

  • Increase the awareness of students about the importance of 3 R’s Program.
  • Enhance the concept of the 3 R’s Program.
  • Enhance the graphic design knowledge of students to be applied in business context.
  • Improve teamwork among students to work in a graphic design project.
  • Improve the creativity of students in designing graphics and animation.


3. Tools

Software that will be used to implement the environment design of 3 R’s Program is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash; the logo design, banner, poster, and tagline will be implemented by using Photoshop; while the animation clips will be created by using Flash.

4. Draft(s)

  • Logo design



The name of our group is called as FuNature. FuNature is actually the combination of 3 words: Fun, Future, and Nature. When people are asked to think about their future, most of them not think about nature, which will be critical if nature is ignored by the public. The nature of earth should be taken care, so that we will be having a healthy environment, a healthy future. Implementing the environment protecting programs such as the 3 R’s Program is actually a fun thing to do with friends and family, improving the sociality and taking care our earth at the same time.

The first three characters in the logo design are highlighted to indicate the “Fun” in doing 3 R’s Program. The first two characters and the last four characters are designed as 3D words to remark the characteristic of “Future”. The purpose of designing the characters of “N” and “a” in plain words is to give the audiences a breathing room. The background is filled with light brown color, and the words are all in green color, so that when the audiences see the logo design, the first thing comes into their minds will be the thought of natural.

The logo is designed as Progressive rhythm. The word “Future” towards from left side to right side. This can be seen from the shadow and shade of each character. Another visual rhythm is the repetition of arrows at the end of the logo name that form the shape of a tiny leaf, to indicate natural, and at the same time indicating the three R’s Program. The characters “R” and “E” are removed from the words inside the arrows; this is designed purposely to “borrow” the last two characters from the logo name to form complete words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Tagline

“Greener future”With the nature colour of green, this tagline means that we creating a more beautiful future for our next generation by implementing 3R concept.

  • Slogan

“Reduce, reuse and recycle is the way to rebuild, refine and redesign the future.”Our slogan means that by doing this 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle )concept. We are preserving and conserving our environment to provide a better future environment for our next generation.Mascot

Mascot #1


mascot #2


5. Visuals for environment design

  • Poster #1

Poster showing a hand putting a can in the recycle bin, with the words Yes You Can.
This indirectly saying the object can, is in the sentence yes you can. This poster is using centered path layout, as everything is arranged in a straight line in the center, and viewer can will from top to bottom in a line.

  • Poster #2

Untitled-h1                              IMG_20150315_222304
With the some contrast colour in the poster can grab the attention from the reader.And then we can elaborate about it how does it works or what benefit does it give.This poster used asymmetrical balance and Z-layout for 1st poster.For 2nd poster ,i will used either split into 3 pieces or directly in 1.I used alternating rhythm  that is with a logo of 3 R at above and a little explanation on it with grid layout.Size for 1st poster is A3 and 2second will be A4.

  • Banner

From the picture below will be our banner, as you can see there an earth which is surrounded by the 3 word which 3r, and what we trying to shown that this banner was giving sign to all the audience awareness, and there a clock tickling from the background of the earth which we trying to given a sign for those who aware that it’s time eliminate green and go green! This is a path layout, the first thing we see is the word TICKLING, then the clock, which has an earth, which has the message 3R in it.


Walkway Design

Have words on the staircase where we step on to attract people’s attention. We are going to use the word ‘GO’, and it will become greener as it goes up, meaning if we go green, the world will be greener. This is a repetition as all the words “GO” are repeating.

  • Signage


This picture will be our signage which soon be represented for our organization got 3R green awareness. This is a path layout. We read from the top which is the word TIME TO, then the earth and the message 3R, which tells people to do 3R.

  • Bunting


This will be our bunting idea. It shows a crying earth at the top to draw the audiences’ attention; then it asks the audiences to do the 3 R’s together. The layout of the bunting is Z-Layout. The audiences can read the bunting easily by following the sequence, which is from top to bottom; the words will guide the audiences to read through the bunting, and at the end, the main point of the bunting: 3 R’s are displayed in a light bulb.

Size of the bunting: 2 feet x 6 feet


Location of our products







6. Products to deliver message to people

i.bookmark made of recycled paper that has our slogan to spread the message

ii.a small sticker beside light switch to bring awareness to people to turn off lights when not use and beside water tap to remind people not to use so much water

iii. reusable recycle bag that can be used many times

iv.a laptop skin that with some information about the topic to show their support on this event.


7. Issues and constraints

  • How big the size of the banner, poster, can it be viewed from far?
  • How big is the font of in the banner or poster?
  • Colour that need to be used in poster, banner to attract people’s attention, or some colour that is accociated with our topic.


8. Animation clip idea

  • Soh

storyboard Untitled-1

The clip starts by showing our earth of current year, earth is still in color; and the beautiful nature is displayed. Next scene shows earth of future, earth becomes grey; earth is full of waste.

The next scene shows two men walking and discussing about the environment of earth; one of the men decides to send their past a newspaper from future; a time machine is used to send the newspaper.

The clip ends with asking people to start taking care our earth by implementing the 3 R’s Program.


  • Mah


1. No tress everywhere, drought.

2. Dead animal body everywhere, no sign of life left on the earth

3. Finally found a small plant, try to get it to grow big, but it died

4. Woke up, it is all a dream. Get the lesson that we need to save the earth, start planting trees and start saving the earth.


  • Lim Wu Shen


1.list of example of reduce.

2.list of example of reuse.

3.list of example of recycle.

4.The earth at top right from polluted becoming better and better and a beautiful earth showed in the last scene.


  • Irwin Goh



1. A turtle started it journey to another location

2. He saw a jellyfish dancing around him

3. He decided to eat it

4. But it turns out that it is actually a plastic bag, the turtle was suffocate to death bring trapped in the bag

Moral is that human need to stop throwing rubbish into the ocean, and start recycling.

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