D.Danesh : Progress Report 1

Designing the Character Mascot

My first step is in designing the character mascot and it’s personality. For this project our team decided to create a small anthropomorphic tree sprout. The mascot is named Sapling.



The image of the mascot is scanned and imported into Adobe Illustrator. A vector image is drawn using the pen tool.




The body of the mascot is resized to make it smaller than the scanned image. This is done to make the mascot’s face-to-body ratio approximately 1:1 which gives an equal emphasis on the character’s expression and body movements.



The vector image of the mascot is then imported into Adobe Photoshop.



The mascot is coloured using the paint bucket tool and a layer is added with layer mask for painting some shadow effects. A copy of the original image with the white fill removed is placed at the top-most layer for the outline.

A Victreebel is used as a sample for the colour scheme – you can see it at the bottom-right corner.




The result :


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