Latest gadgets or products are launched nearly every day all around the world. Similarly different organizations launch different causes or awareness program me every other day to fight for a cause or to stay united among that cause and to help people affected by it.

So to promote such activities, and to make people know about their products or causes, companies or organizations adapt different type of marketing strategies or in other words use different kinds of advertisement bundles to deliver the knowledge of their product effectively, precisely yet strongly.

Advertisement is the best method for the companies and organizations to deliver the message or the basic information to their clients advertising-agency_350x350or their audience. Innovative and creative advertisement bundles are also one of the major reasons why a specific product or cause gets successful. Without advertisement bundles, companies would just be creating latest gadgets or products with different creative changes without their clients knowing about it, as no one sitting at home can know about what’s the latest product in the markets, what’s the latest technology being used in that? Why is that so different from the other products and so on.

Advertisement bundles are basically a commute or a path between different companies and their clients or audience. Companies can use the form of newspapers, digital media (Radio, TV), social media (Facebook), billboards or some other creative idea to deliver their product to the audience.

Some factors to be kept in mind while advertising the product are:

  • Tradition and history of the product should be kept in mind. Previous advertisement logos should all be kept in mind so that when people hear about the product they know how it would look like but what they dont know is whats new in that product and hows that different.
  • Keep the message short, clear, strong and creative.
  • When a religious event is being advertised such as Hari Raya, Christmas etc, make sure that other people of other religions are neither neglected nor offended.
  • Age of the client should be kept in mind, as if an advertisement for little children is made, more colors and music should be added with less texts, as its difficult for children to read text they just get fascinated by colors and music.

Another thing is that if an a popular event is coming in the upcoming time, huge companies such as Pepsi, Coke, Heineken Beer, Mc Donald’s who already have a massive audience or followers sponsor that particular event and promote it with their products in a particular way. Like MC Donald’s mostly introduces a new limited edition of a burger or changes the type of their fries to promote an event, I will give an example of that below about how Mc Donald promoted the recent FIFA World Cup 2014 that took place in Brazil.




A) AD# 1


This is by the far the best example of how a huge and well-known brand in the world promotes an upcoming event. This is how MC Donald promoted the recently happened Fifa World 2014 Brazil. Nearly every company around the world were promoting the event by using the same old fashion way by joining the Fifa World Cup title with their product.
But what Mc Donald, did was pretty different and creative, they launched a limited edition of burger, which they called “Brazil Burger”, and it was of the shape of a football. So it seemed like just the perfect way of promoting a football event by introducing a burger which has a shape of a football. Plus as the flag of the Brazil mostly has the green color so the font they used to promote the burger advertisement of green, so it seems the advertisement committee of MC Donald went down to the roots to make this advert that’s the reason it looks perfect.

B) AD # 2


As everyone can see this is another idea being used by Mc Donald to advertise the event. They introduced a special bundle box, with the title of “Fifa World Cup Bundle Box”. The price of the bundle box was comparatively cheap than the normal price of the product. They made it cheap to encourage their audience to buy it and a way to promote the event. As seen the color of the box is again green which represents the color of Brazil and it has “OLE” return over it, which represents the official song of Fifa World Cup which was sung by Shakira and Pitbull. So in one advert, they promoted the event, its song and made a high amount of selling by keeping the price cheap.



Coke has the largest fan base in terms of drinks. They were the official sponsorship partners of the Olympic Games. As mostly the distribution of the drink is done through buses, so to catch the attention of the people on the road they adapted another interesting way of promoting the event, they designed and modified their buses by making the Olympic Logo with their logo on the bus, and designed pictures of some of the games on the bus as well. And then used those buses to transport coke from their storages to different shops as well as in some areas they set up stalls in those buses and sell coke on the streets. It was a terrific marketing plan as people walking on the roads or people driving on the road could all see the bus around and would have the knowledge of the event.



One of the ways of advertising a product is by keeping the advertisement simple yet delivers the message in a very strong and effective way such as by keeping a very innovative and kickass tagline. As seen above in the advertisement banner of Mc Donald, the background is pretty simple and is of their trademark color which is red, and the banner itself is very simple its just shows a side pose of their prodcut, yet the caption or the tagline catches the attention of everyone which states “You have about 10,000 taste buds. Use them all.” So at one place they have kept the advert all simple and sober but on the other hand they have pretty effectively delivered their message and claimed about how tasty their product it and that alone will urge a lot of their audience to at least give their product a try, and taste it.




Coke recently bought a new advertising idea which was to have personalized coke, as to have your name printed on coke. This idea and advertising strategy proved out to be ridiculously good as people started purchasing coke a lot to find their name on it. Such ideas attract human minds, as they feel proud when their name gets linked with a huge company such as coke. So this idea was huge success story and benefited coke pretty much as well as made their clients happy as well.



People believe that brands like Nike and ADIDAS are so big that they don’t need any advertising bundles or strategies, but thats not at all true. Such mega structured companies are even still investing a huge amount of money in marketing their brand. Their advertising strategy is different. They target a World Class team, club or celebrity and market their brand through them. Such as Manchester United which has the largest fan base around the world, with around 659 million people (nearly a tenth of the world’s population) following them. So sports companies like NIKE or ADIDAS target them as their strategy plan. They buy rights of adding their logo on their kits and creating the kits and other sports wear and pay the football club a massive amount of money as well. In return when Manchester United launches the kit and play wearing it, all their fans around the globe buy the kits giving revenue to the sports brands. Currently NIKE is the official sponsor of Manchester United, with their deal going on around for the past decade, but now for next year ADIDAS has sealed a deal with Manchester United for a staggering 750 million pounds for the next decade. Huge amount of money is involved yet it is expected that ADIDAS will cover up the amount in the first year. (Fan Base Report from Official Manchester United Website) and (750 million pound  report- BBC)



Guess who’s that? Yeah that’s your Arrow star aka STEPHEN AMELL, yet best known as Oliver Queen. He is currently supporting the cause of getting rid of cancer or defeating cancer. F*CK Cancer is basically a registered charity in Canada, and Stephen Amell supports them and in return is marketing their cause of to defeat cancer. He is helping them in spreading their message around the world as he himself is such a well known figure around the world. Stephen is spreading the message via his HIGHLY active facebook page by commuting with the fans, and selling shirts of “F*CK CANCER” and using that money of the charity. He is even selling his suits or costumes he wears in the Arrow show, with the highest bidder buying it and then donating that money to the “F*CK CANCER” charity.

This proves that even charitable organizations require such advertising so that they can be well known around the world and so that their message could be heard loud and clear around globe which will help them gain more charity and help those who are in need.

And as seen in this picture “F*CK CANCER” is written in light pink, as pink is the color people wear to make everyone know that they are against breast cancer. (Stephen Amell’s Official Facebook Page – Keeps updating regarding the cause on Daily Basis)


This is now the advertisement through a video. This ad was created by Chevrolet and Manchester United together to market their newly launched kit. The advert is very appealing for the football fans, as the background score is the anthem of Man United which is (Glory Glory Man United). Another thing they have done well is they have shown colorless scenes in the beginning as to show how it looked when there were no colors. Plus another amazing feature they have added is they have showed the kits design from the very start of how the kits used to be in 1896 and how they have transformed now with the color still being the same as RED and only a bit if designs getting changed mean they are sticking with their tradition. In the ad they have also shown players from all generations such as Sir Bobby Charlton who is a Man United legend and played the 1960s. Then they have shown Dennis Irwin and other legends along with end it upon the latest stars and fan favorite such as Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, Adnan Januzaj. So in just a one minute clip they have made sure that they capture everything possible so I personally loved this ad.


I have learnt a lot studying the advertisement bundles, what I feel I will make for my group on the Eye-Care project would be something simple yet the message will be delivered strongly. Because eye-care is a scary issue and to address that and to find a solution for that a very powerful message has to be delivered so that it fits into the minds of people. The things I would target would be what daily life people could see, like marketing by posting banners or trains, or by trying to market through Mc Donald and coke or contacting universities to help us market our project in their universities. But the most important message delivery could be done posting ads on the mobile boxes so that people know and are aware of what happens if they strain their eyes a lot on cells.
But for all of that I will have to take help from my group members, so that they can guide me. One has done the assignment on Visual Elements and knows very well about what color, size and background color can be used for the ads, while the other has studied about logos and taglines so he can guide me up with that. So together all three of us and can do wonders and make an amazing and powerful campaign.


In my point of view, advertisement bundles is possibly the most important thing for the company and plays the most crucial role of how the product will do in the market. If its marketed exceptionally well, its bound to be a successful no matter how good or bad it is. But if it isn’t marketed well then how come will the normal audience know about it? So no matter how good the product is, it would eventually fail as the people wont know about what it basically is.

So advertisement plays the biggest role in success or failure of a company these days. The bundles differ when it comes to the products. As not every product can be marketed the same way. Colors, taglines, history, tradition and some huge background study play a massive role in advertising, as a person should know the roots of the company or product very well in order to market it well.


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