Visual Strategy

Graphic design is one of visual communication form that uses an image to convey information or message in the most effective manner. Graphic design is a basic concept that applied in communication design. Sucs as many types of design, graphic design can refer to the process design methods, the product (design), manufacture, or discipline used (design).


From research I have done, I see we can use visual strategy to improve our work in the group assignment such as we use the right placement for every element inside our group work also we can use this strategy to make what we done will be easier for everyone else to caught our point inside our group project


Graphic design is an art that can be implemented into a design environment that includes processing of space. The element in the graphic design as basic elements in other design disciplines. These elements are shape (form), shape, line, color, space, and texture form the basic principles of visual design.


For example from the base element we can use the form that complete each other and make a group of shape that explain some information with some supporting picture to give reader more clear vision about our information.


I find some of the principles that can be useful for our group project, such as rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis, and unity, then forming the structural aspects of the equipment used by graphic designers are ideas, thoughts, eye, hand, hand drawing tools, and computer. And you can also use this basic shape and set it into my design draws the eye.


Rhythm can be used as the composition with the nearly same size picture or same size of font so make an art will be easy to process by reader.


Example you can use balance in visual strategy with the combination of color in a poster of movie use purple and yellow as background color you can use dark color as the title also you need not to large font and supporting image so the poster will be look very nice and attractive for reader .



We need a proportion inside also so make the information contain is balance between each side so the information will be more interesting and the ready will be easy to understand what we want to say or tell them.


And the last is unity we need all the contain explain the information with the same weight and goes to one point or explain one point so the information is strong and have a basic idea inside.


So the research about this following topic is very help full for doing our group project, and the information that I get about using the basic form and principle will be very useful, because we can apply those information to help us produce a good product, and make our final project will be fulfill the standard of the project and from this view topic we can get some information that is not only about nice picture but about the easy way to send or give information and the easiest way to communicate with others.

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