1. Identify the type of artworks (formats) to be done

The several types of artwork formats that are to be done for this 3R campaign are:

  • Posters
  • Website Advertisements
  • Banners
  • Buntings
  • Pamphlets
  • Walkway Designs


  1. Draft the prototype of each artwork by including the elements of graphic design

Logo and Tagline







Website Advertisements










The Places :-

– Walkway on the bridge


– Notice boards





– Road Sides


  1. Describe the use (purpose) of these design elements in your artworks


For the poster, lines are used to draw a main shape (that has been split into two) in the middle of the poster. Using these lines, a shape somewhat of that of a circle has been formed, and in order to create the image that the circle has been split, a gap and lines had been used. Also, there are lines used inside the circle itself to form shapes that make the circle look like the earth and also to create an expression for each side of the circle, thus forming a happy emotion on the left side of the circle, and a sad emotion on the right. The left side, that which is the happy emotion, are drawn in a slightly thinner line, as a ‘happy earth’ is a thing of a past, and which is slowly disappearing. The opposite side of the circle, however, is drawn in a much thicker line, representing the earth’s current state, whereby it is crying.

Other than the main shape in the middle of the circle, lines had also been used to draw out the logo, located at the top right corner of the poster. These lines create shapes which then forms a tree, which is the logo. Along with the logo is also the title and the tagline of the campaign, also created using lines.

As for the colour used in this poster, for the main shape in the middle of the poster, the left side has a brighter colour, creating the effect of it being far (representing the past), while the opposite side is dark, creating the effect of it being near (representing the present).


Website Advertisements

Here, lines are once again used to create shapes that form the logo and also the title and the campaign’s tagline at the top right corner of the website advertisement. Lines are also used to create outlines for each section, in order to make the advertisement look neater and to avoid any confusion or frustration from the viewers.

The background of the website advertisements will be in black, or different shades of dark colours, with the wordings for each section are in brighter colours, creating a contrast and also to convey a message that the future is dark without a green environment around.



Besides using lines for the logo, lines are yet again used to create outlines for certain section of the banner to separate one section from the next.


Buntings and Pamphlets

This time, lines were not only used for the logo or to separate one section from another, but also to draw a shape, that is a circle. Once again, within the circle, lines are again used to draw shapes that, once completed, looks like a crying earth.

The background of the bunting is in green colour, while the contents are in white colour.



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