Group 13 Proposal

Group Name : Midori no Ki

Group 13 Members :
– Nasrun
– Gareth
– Xiu Zu
– Darren


Summary / Abstract

Our planet is getting sick. Development, population and greed is causing our planet to suffer for our actions. This affects not only plants, animals and human beings but also the entire ecosystem as well. Green gas, climate change, global warming, extinction of animal species are all signs of human destruction.

As students it will be difficult to start on a country level, but we can start on a campus level and move on from there. We recognise the importance of 3Rs in our daily strive to help mother earth, and would like to spread awareness because many do not know the importance of saving the planet we live on and take for granted the many things that were given by it. We believe the most effective way of initiating this change is through the youth. Instead of changing the people of today, change the youth and they would live the rest of their long lives with this concept in mind, spreading awareness to their offsprings while setting an example for the rest of them. This would bring a much more effective impact on the issue.

We have divided this project into two groups, student awareness and campus awareness. Both will include some form of involvement to bring in participation for this activity. If we can get a flow of participants moving, it will be easier to ring in more people to join in.


Midori No Ki LOGO

Midori No Ki 3-R

In English, it means Care for Greenery. We have decided to go with a Japanese themed title because of the rapid green change that is happening in Japan right now due to the recent Nuclear Meltdown that caused near-permanent damage to Japan’s people and its environment. We were inspired because the change is really difficult for Japan in the city because there are barely any greens around, this causes them to think out of the box and innovate ways to be environmentally friendly. We decided we should have that mindset too when we think about saving our Planet’s Future.


Logo Design

We had many design concepts made up. This one stood out because it was simple, easy to read and we think the leaf logo is memorable enough. We decided it would be easier to implement this logo on our design artwork if it were more flat, so we designed this on a slim, flat rectangle format. The logo design was inspired by the leaves. It isn’t a specific type of leaf but just a general shape, and the shade of green is soothing to the eyes, some might say it reminds them of green tea which generally relates to Japan. The leaves also has a Japanese ‘kanji’ symbol in it, “ 木 “ is pronounced  “ ki “ which means tree in Japanese, so we managed to add one more cool idea into the mix.

The text was made with Crotina font because for some reason it is a popular font used by many Japanese themed stores here in Malaysia. People might relate the font with Japan because of this. We kept it all lowercase font, because it is scientifically proven that the eyes can recognise an entire word without needing to go through all the letters, these is proven by road signs where you only have a fraction of a second to read. This will be effective when people only got a glance of the logo, they would immediately recognise it. The INTI logo was originally bigger and placed on the right hand side, but because it was red, it ruined our image of being environmental friendly. We made it smaller and replaced the i in midori. Now that it is smaller than the leaves, it shows that green comes before red or that green is more powerful than red. Not only that, because there are only three colours, the red sticks out and everyone will notice it. This eliminates the need to place the name INTI because students would automatically know that this logo is in relations with INTI.

Overall, I think we succeeded in making a simple, easy to remember, easy to relate logo to be used with our project.


Tagline / Slogan

“Reduce it, Reuse it, Recycle it”   for our future

Simple, easy to remember and shows the direction we should be heading.


Mission Statement

The Midori No Ki 3R campaign’s mission is to spread awareness campus-wide in INTI IU regarding the 3Rs, Reduce Reuse Recycle. The aim is to increase the recycling rate, reduce waste and pollution, and to raise conservation awareness through education and word of mouth. This includes showing the effects of our harmful actions, simple ways to improve our ways, and so on. This will involve not only the students and staff but also INTI campus as a whole, so that means classrooms, meeting rooms, hallways, dining hall, and so forth.





  • Provide opportunities for meaningful student involvement in regards to the 3Rs
  • Increase education relating to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE outside and inside the classroom
  • Raise personal and public awareness of environmental issues, including the benefits of practicing 3Rs rather than sending it to a landfill site
  • Get students and staff to participate in the movement, and ensure they continue to do so
  • To increase access to accurate recycling information by providing them web links to beneficial websites such as Recycling Guide UK :



  • Spread enough awareness to make a difference in INTI and its surroundings
  • Reduce the quantity of virgin materials left on this planet that are normally used to create goods
  • Reduce the waste generated by humans by maximising efficient use and reuse of products.

MMD Task Distribution


Colour Concept

When you think of green movement, the colours that would come to mind are nature related colours to show that the earth is alive. Such images with their colours are shown below

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.00.33 AM


Leaves are a common view in Malaysia. Green shows how life is rich and flourishing. Any design concept with green will definitely bring out nature’s life energy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.49.20 AM    Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.49.31 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.49.01 AM

Brown is also a good colour that shows a strong base which mother nature relies on.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.49.57 AM   Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.49.45 AM

Blue is also a colour that symbolises soft, cool, and free flowing. Earth is 71% water, and although not all water is blue, generally the public see water as blue.




Student Section

Awareness is key as our minds tend to ignore many things. We decided to place banners/infographics on places that are normally empty, such as walls and tables so that they would be more noticeable.


Places that will use Z Layout, as they tend to get slightly more view time.

11024812_945256155484459_7424136625998522786_o 11043249_945256148817793_8343104825270867296_o 906086_945256062151135_8662707634477686531_o 11058822_945255998817808_4566056243996925950_n  11024675_945255918817816_4956184708906850163_o  11025848_945256108817797_631052844893231179_o 10984502_945255658817842_4327453551398554943_n





Places that will use the F-layout

11058664_945256135484461_6778214885072279637_o   10830526_945256022151139_8964101889854577891_o   11041904_945255685484506_2107095494974974148_o 11043213_945255342151207_4040670347812179332_o





Places that will utilise the single logo, as a reminder. The more you are reminded, the longer it stays in your mind.

11058434_945256028817805_6999882143431026847_o IMG_1075 11004581_945255942151147_9184499429231784973_o 16526_945255715484503_8059874814871256807_n 1898690_945255712151170_1372396426696727880_o





Campus Section

To get INTI and all its personnel to participate in this project. Getting INTI classrooms to use environmentally friendly materials and equipment….

– LED lightbulbs (Less power, less toxic than fluorescent, lasts longer)
– Remove all CFC gasses from air conditioners and replace with newer cleaner gasses
– Go full digital with assignments and course work
– Bio-ink marker pens(plant based)
– Automatic lights in Hallways?
– More recyclable bins
– Recycled / Eco toilet paper
– Collect rain water for plantation
– Solar Panels
– More to be added


The other part would be to get the cafeteria, dining hall, bakery and such to participate in going eco friendly.




This will be the support badge. Placed in obvious places to show that they support the movement.


10257034_945174275492647_8216180931480883190_o 11024198_945174295492645_5703557285123868696_o


To get them to use environmental friendly materials

– Eco friendly bags
– Eco Promo, such as ‘bring your tupperware, get 20c off the price
– Soap without any harmful chemicals
– etc


Button Distribution + Design

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.20.21 AM 11069386_893319117365003_3200533989041548466_n $_1


Simple, easy to spot, easy to recognise.

Other options to consider
1 : Mini flags – made of recycled paper / magazines
2 : Stickers – also made of recycled materials
3 :


Design 1


Design 2


Design 3


Design 4



Banner Design / Poster / InfoGraphics / etc

Banner Dimensions

– 80 CM x 200 CM

Poster Dimensions

– 65 CM x 140 CM

Flyer Dimensions

– A4 paper size


~~Poster Draft 1~~



Animation StoryBoard

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.18.09 AM

Played by our mascot, XXXXX, who is a tin can that goes around recycling, wearing sunglasses to protect himself from the sun shine.

Story 1

10941521_945235615486513_2791777782456009988_n 10711082_945235575486517_1079329658787288403_n 10599239_945235598819848_8459353473973921649_n  19292_945235632153178_1978593257996339416_n


Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

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