Group Project Proposal

Group 4 – MMD

Group Name: Green Future


  1. Narinderjit Singh A/L Avtar Singh
  2. Andrew Mark Odeilo
  3. Kavish Punchoo
  4. Sagir Kwarra
  5. Raheel Jilani

Title: Creating awareness towards the environment by using the 3Rs design concept


                At this point in time, the damage done to the environment is believed to be irreversible. This is because of the uprising of modern technology, the increase in world population and the deforestation which occurs to create space for more buildings such as skyscrapers, accommodation and businesses. With the help of the 3Rs concept (reduce, reuse and recycle), our team’s main objective is to sensitize the students on INTI campus about the importance of preserving the environment in order to ensure a better and green future. This will be achieved through posters, banners, wallpapers, animation clips and other formats.



  • To sensitize people about the importance of preserving the environment for the future generation.
  • To learn and make use of the concept of environmental design.
  • To use the elements of graphic design to emphasis on the importance of the environment.
  • Create graphic designs with simple and clear explanation of the 3Rs concept.
  • Efficiently use the knowledge acquired through the individual assignment to produce high quality graphic designs.
  • Finish the graphic designs and animations on time.


Required content/Information:

  • The concept of the 3Rs
  • The consequences of damaging the environment
  • Ways to protect the environment
  • Outcomes of protecting the environment


Tools/Software to be used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Word


  • Sticking with the theme for all graphic designs.
  • Proper use of colour to enable comfortable viewing.
  • Appropriate use of fonts, font size, font colour.
  • Working with several resolutions ranging from medium to very high.
  • Lack of contribution & corporation.


Type of artwork/Formats:

  • Table surface wallpaper design (Cafeteria)
  • Cafeteria staircase wall poster design
  • Poster in men’s wash room at the urinal and ceiling
  • T-Shirt design
  • Lab mouse-pad design (Computer labs)
  • Stand-up banner design (Classrooms & Labs)

The best formats will be chosen out of the list above.

Potential Locations



Elevator door in INTI



Upper wall near student station.




Classroom door.


Cafeteria entrance upper wall.



Class Stand-up Banner



Cafeteria table surface


Wall poster





Elements of graphic design to be used:

  • Shape & Line

Appropriate use of shapes and lines to quality and identity to the graphic designs and create, distribute graphic elements respectively.

  • Colour

Effective use of colours to set the appropriate mood and efficiently convey the message to be delivered.

  • Value

Using the correct values to set the proper depth and dimension to the graphic elements. The values would be used to correctly adjust the contrast to enable optimal viewing experience.

  • Texture

Efficient use of visual textures or maybe even tactile textures (e.g. leaf) to convey the appropriate theme.

  • Format

Designing graphics for several categories of formats to defy the varying challenges such as size, viewing angle and so on.


Page composition:

  • Achieving balance in optical weight

A balanced optical weight can be achieved by correctly placing the elements of the graphic design on the canvas. However other factors have to be also considered. Such factors are size, colour, and value and so on. The greater the size, the greater is its optical weight. The darker is an element, the higher is its optical weight.

  • Size of visual elements

The visual elements should be of the correct size when compared to the other elements. That is, the size of all the visual elements should be in perfect harmony. Exceptions are off course possible; for example when trying to bring greater attention to one particular element.

  • Visual Rhythm

For the graphic designs, repetition of shapes, values, colours and textures will be used in order to create a visual rhythm. This will enable proper delivery of the message of the graphic design to the viewers.


Page composition and Layout design

Layout Design


Layout design plays a very significant role in the output of a graphic design, or any text-image composition for that matter. Layout design also ensures that the message is delivered in the intended way as the graphic and text elements are appropriately distributed. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical layouts are going to be used in the various formats planned. The preferred layout of our designs is grid layout. However we might use a mix of layouts in the future comprising of Z-layout, path layout and F-layout.

Animation (Work in progress)

-Storyboard Draft

ani - Copy

In this animation, a futuristic earth is imagined where people popluted the earth with all sort of wasted and by cutting down trees as well , as time past the pollution got worst , and eventually its hard to live that time with all the ppollution , and a guy got a brilliant idea to build  time machine to stop the cuting down of trees and eventually stop it and start spreading the importance of preserving the enviroment and trees .

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