Group Proposal

Group name : iGreen

Title: Go Green with 3R slogan (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce)

Aim: To achieve green nature while save the electricity.

Tagline : Go Green is not for us, is for our next generation!


Logo :







  • Create a sticker about energy saving.
  • Reduce and reuse of energy.
  • Create a visual theme.
  • Design 2D visuals for the environmental design throughout the environment.
  • Create an informative explanation through the sticker.
  • By using our electricity resources more effectively, or by using renewable energy sources like solar, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also reduce our electricity bills.


Requirement tools and software:

In order to complete this project, we did a research and identified that we need to create a poster, wallpaper, banner, stickers and etc. We also need to create an animation clip for this project work.

Software need for this project:

– Adobe Photoshop

– Adobe Flash

– Microsoft Word


Issues and constraints:

The problem in the project listed:

  1. Time – It is hard to manage the time for everyone because we have a different time schedule.
  2. Cost – The cost to start off this project is too high as it is required for material and equipment.
  3. Scope – The quality of the project need to be defined well.



2D visual design wall stickers.

Design Example:

AI-edltsw203-09 Light Switch Reminder 2 SaveUs10


Identify the type of artworks (formats) to be done

  • Artwork design (such as wall-printing and Poster).
  • Create Animation clip


Draft prototype of each artwork by including the elements of graphic design







IMG_20150315_170118 IMG_20150315_170125


















The location which we choose to design:








 Storyboard of Animation

 Untitled2 Untitled

Describe the use (purpose) of these design elements in your artworks

  • Key principles of graphic design to emphasizing the messages can attract an audience’s attention and easy to understand.
  • Colour concept allows us to artwork design more attractive and outstanding.
  • Visual designing combining both logo and word together to bring out the message to the public.
  • Animation to make the picture more vivid, image to show people , makes it easy to understand and leave deep impression.


How to achieve balance in optical weight

Most of the artwork designs uses different color to create combination to attract viewers attention to give easy reading and the most important information in the artwork. If our artwork background is in a dark color it will create a heavy optical weight to grab the viewers attention. To balance to the dark background, any type of fonts or decorations can be added into the artwork that will be in bright colors. It is better to control the usage of decorations or information because if using too much it will make the artwork to look messy and thus the viewer lost interest.


The size of the visual elements

Many types of visual elements in the artwork are drafted and most of it appear in different sizes so that it will not look the same size feeling and at the same time to create a visual impact. The logo artwork usually is placed on the corner of the artwork depends the position the creator feel it more suitable for but the size of the logo need to smaller size than the main visual elements of the artwork. This is to make sure that the viewer will not get distracted by the logo and focus more onto the main visual elements of the artwork. The information also need to be displayed in a bigger size but not too bigger than the main visual as the visual is an image that will grab the viewer attention more.


The use of visual rhythm

Different type of visual rhythms also will be used to create a variety between each of different artwork. The poster and website advertisements may have a regular rhythm but all of it just goes by its own type of way. The banner will have a progressive rhythm to complement the path layout.


Describe the options used in the layout design

There are many type of options to be choose from as for layout designs for artworks. Banner artwork need to be planned for the artwork to create a path layout when creating it. The content of the banner can be done in a “Z-layout”, most of the information will start off from the top left side so that it is like a path for the viewer to have a point of view that from top to bottom in a path way to guide them across the artwork.



For our animation, we have planned to create an animation of background students that is having a computer lab lesson and after the student has finished their class one of them decided to leave without switching off the computer that cause of wasting electricity. When the student is about to leave our mascot created will be standing in front of the door to stop the student and ask them to switch off their computer so it will not waste electricity. Thus this animation to show that the important of applying 3R in our daily life.


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    good explanation and photos and drafts are attached, showing good effort and understanding, but some drafts for animation was incomplete at that time

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