Group Proposal Part 1

  1. What type of agreements (title / objectives / aims / schedule) do designers and clients engage in?



-To create a much more conducive environment for both the people at INTI International University and the environment so that both are able to live together in harmony.

-To raise public awareness of environmental issues, including the benefit of reducing, re-using and recycling of materials

-To conserve energy, reduce pollution, slow global warming and reduce waste products in landfills.

-To enhance INTI International University’s staff and students experience through active involvement in environment awareness and community development.

With this, it had been suggested that the title of this whole environmental project be given the title of “Living Green”, a straightforward title that points directly towards the initiative of looking forward to a greener future by living a life that not only is surrounded by greens, but also to have a mindset that aims to achieve a much greener environment.


  1. How do designers structure the projects (required content / features / information) for the best quality?

Designers gather relevant information about the environment from a variety of reliable sources in various forms, ranging from scientifically proven statistics, to interviews from passer-by’s in order to grab the attention of various kinds of individuals. Each design has a very limited number of facts, or at times, just one main fact, to create interest amongst the viewers to anticipate for different kind of facts with each different design and so as to not overwhelm the viewers with facts.


  1. What tools / software do designers use to manage their project?

The tools, or softwares, that will be used in the management of this project will mainly be Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.


  1. What issues (constraints)/ strategies (avoiding mistakes) that designers and client should discuss?

There are some issues, or constraints, that had been identified beforehand about the project that should be discussed by the designers and clients. One of it being the problem with time, whereby the client requirements may take a much longer time than whatever amount of time that the client has allocated to the designers. There will also be issues with budgets, as the designers need materials or tools for the project, which sometimes may not be considered by the client, causing designers to be limited to what they can do with the project. The scope of the project should also be considered thoroughly, to avoid any clashes between the client and the designers’ interests.

Therefore, in order to avoid these mistakes, some of which are caused by the designer, or the client, or both, having the inability to communicate well, or not communicating at all, is to first try using the right communication channel to communicate with each other, such as speaking face-to-face. Next, in order to make sure that the timing is agreeable between both the designer and client, a schedule and a set deadline should be made so that the client will be able to trace the progress of the designer and the designer will be able to anticipate his or her next action. This can also be done with proper planning. Also, to ensure that the project has the right scopes, a list should be made and a clear version of the project plan made available to make sure that it is what the client wants and what the designer understood.


  1. What is the product (outcomes) and its delivery medium to be used?

One of the delivery medium to be used will be print, which involves posters, pamphlets, magazines and newspapers. Next will be environmental mediums, such as signage, building graphics and interiors. There will be also on-air mediums, such as television advertisements. Online mediums may also be used, such as blogs, animations, websites, social networking media and games.

The outcomes would create a certain depth of messages, and also potentially establish a communication medium. There’s also broad reach and high frequency, as well as allows for motion and sound. It will also provide a mass coverage for big brands while increasing awareness and being up to date on current issues.

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