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1. Lau Cheng Zhen (I14005826)

2. Loh Wei Zheng (I14005832)

3. Cynthia Lim Gui Yi (I14006408)

4. Edward Chai Chuan Zhi (I14005997)



Designs To Implement 3R Concept In University Campus



  • Understand the global impact of 3R
  • Improve people’s awareness of environmental protection
  • Understand the importance of environmental protection
  • How to make good use of it to protect the ecological environment



The aim of this project is let the public more understand and awareness the important of the 3R and the 3R impact on the environment and ecology.


How do designers structure the projects (required content / features / information) for the best quality?

  • Each member should share their design idea and implemented it into design.
  • Communicate with each group member to reduce error occur and deliver quality product that meets the client’s requirement.
  • Divide the project work evenly into few stages and assigned to every member in our group.
  • Every member should contribute as this is a group project and help each other to achieve the goals
  • The project manager should monitoring all the process because most of the time is spend on technical, communication, management, clerical and billing issues, not only design project.
  • We should know that who are the target audience, so that we able to deliver the information to them.
  • The information should be putting focus on the point and make it simple.
  • Deliver the information in text as well as graphic way.



Tools/Software Used

The tool that we need to use in order to complete this project is being researched. We identify the requirement that request by the client. Then, we find the place that suitable to place the wallpapers, posters and etc. We did the draft of overall concept to the client. We also give out the scope of this work to our teammates. Through that, we conclude that several tools we need to have to accomplish the project.

The software that used to complete this project:

  1. Adobe Photoshop CS6
  2. Microsoft word
  3. Adobe Flash Pro CS6


What issues (constraints)/ strategies (avoiding mistakes) that designers and client should discuss?

The designers and client should discuss the constraints of the Project Management. Example were listed down on below:

  1. Scope: (i) Product Scope: The intended quality, features, and functionality of the design.

(ii) Project Scope: The work required to deliver on the product scope.

  1. Time: (i) Time management: ensuring that people and work flow proceed as planned

(ii) Project Schedule: the project deadlines and milestones

  1. Cost: (i) Budget: amount of money allotted for the design

(ii) Resources: people, equipment, and materials required for the project.



In this project, several outcomes are expected from the team. That will include the following:

  1. Awareness on 3R concepts is created among INTI International University staff and students
  2. Task in schedule is carried out in timely manner
  3. All designs and motives are created with not exceeding the budget
  4. Client satisfactory is upheld



Delivery Medium

It is important to ensure all messages and aims are clearly show to the target users. Hence, several visual artworks will be created to act as the delivery medium. That will include the poster, banners, mascot, wall mural, walkway design, street design, bookmarks and backdrop. Furthermore, animation clips will be included as a part of artworks to enhance the mascot’s role in bringing out the right message.



Type of Artworks (Formats) To Be Done

The artworks will be presented in the format of 2D visual artwork and animated short clips.


Draft of Prototypes

3 001

Prototype for Poster


4 001

Prototype for banner


6 001


Prototype of basic parts


7 001

Prototype for bookmarks


8 001

Prototype for mascot (named as Sophia, means “wisdom” in Greek)





The use (purpose) of this design

The main colour that we used in this project is green. The meaning of green is the nature colour that we can found at everywhere and it bring people a feel that refreshing and relaxing. Green also a type of warm colour that viewer won’t feel this colour makes their eyes uncomfortable. Hence, the design of using the green colour will bring effects on making the viewer relax and receive the information in a proactive manner. Besides, the text that insert on this design also very important. It needed brings the meaning of this design also it need bring the direct message to everyone. So that everyone can read, understand and remember it once they saw it. With the use of effective tagline, we can create stronger effect to lead viewers to achieve the customer’s goal. Besides, the graphic of the design is attract to everyone because of the design, shape, colours that we used on it. So that people passed by, when saw it will slow down the steps to read what is on the wall or along the streets.


How to achieve balance in optical weight

Optical weight is how much your eyes get attracted to an object. Balance is the combination of optical and psychological equilibrium of a design. While to have a balance optical weight, we need put more attention on colours, shapes and sizes. A balance colour is very important for an object especially for a graphic or animation design. Because colours brings many different feelings to people who look at it, such as red = heavy, baby pink = light and etc.  Mostly all of the bright colours will attract more attention from the eyes. Besides, the shape of an object is the second things that we need to concern about it. A regular shape will get attract from a viewer eyes then irregular shape. Lastly, is the size of an object. The more the larger of an object, it will more attract than a small object.





The Size of Visual Elements

Size is an absolute measurement. Every element on your design will display at some size. The logo part accounts for about 25% in the whole visual design, and the another 3R’s design also has 30% of the whole visual design. The recycle font will much smaller than the recycle symbol. The hands inside the logo is similar with another hands. And that the earth will show with a relatively small scale. Although, in all of the visual design, logo in proportion not the biggest, but it is the focus of the visual design.



The use of Visual Rhythm

The concept of rhythm in art represents the easy movement of the eyes following a regular arrangement or reproduction of elements in the art work.

It is based on the repetition of shape, values, colour, texture, they set up the pattern and rhythm. Visual Rhythm consists of Alternating Rhythm and Progressive Rhythm.

Rhythm can be implemented in many ways, emphasis on particular things

  • Repeat a headline multiple times
  • Add images multiple times
  • Use the background-repeat to create a patterned background with repetitive elements
  • Repeat the navigation elements of your design.
  • Moreover, rhythm in art can also be achieved by how the element placed within the composition. If the element is placed in a predictable manner that they form a pattern.

Most probably we will applied Alternating Rhythm into our design, it will be used in Banner, Poster, and walkways design etc. Let’s said we design a poster, then we may put the text, images on the right of the poster, and the left will be logo/ photograph. Besides that, we will also try to apply Progressive Rhythm into our design, such like the text, line, shapes and colour as well.


Option Used In Layout Design

Layout design is important as it will help in balancing the visual element in a page. Hence, to ensure the messages will be delivered in a good manner, the design layout in our design will be wisely chosen from Z layout, which put the message in orderly manner, and the path layout, which will put the focal point at the initiate viewers’ attention and guide them to look further.


Draft the page composition and layout design on the A4 papers

2 001



Poster Design in Path Layout


1 001


Banner Design in Z Layout


Story Board for Animation Clip

Lau Cheng Zhen


Loh Wei Zheng


Cynthia Lim Gui Yi


Edward Chai Chuan Zhi



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