Individual assignment – 12 principles of animation

Infographic by definition are graphic visual illustrations of information, data or knowledge with the intention to present complex information quickly and clearly.
This assignment has taught me a lot valuable things. First of all, I have learnt about the twelve principles of animation namely the squash and stretch which give an illusion of weigh and volume as an animation moves, anticipation which is used to prepare the audience for an action that is going to happen, staging which helps to direct the audience’s attention to the story, straight ahead and pose to pose animation to ensure that the posing and correct, follow through and overlapping action to produce moves at different speeds and different time, slow-out and slow-in which softens fast actions, arcs which give animation a more real action, secondary action which adds more dimension to the character, timing and spacing which gives object and characters the illusion of moving within the law of physics, exaggeration which helps to make the animation more appealing, solid drawing which is about creating an accurate drawing with appropriate weight and volume and finally appeal which is used to make a unique character without making it too complicated and confusing. I believe that the appeal is the most important one since if the character is tempting, people will remember it. By doing this assignment¸ I have been able to design the twelve principles of animation. I have represented the principles of animation in a simple, clear and creative way.
This assignment has taught me that a mixture of text and graphics allows people to understand better. Infographic should also be used because of the following reasons; it makes the content more comprehensible. Infographic is powerful as a visual tool due to its ability to transmit relevant information through easily explicable bits of information. In addition to this, infographic are very simple to form and they are eye-catching. This assignment has taught me about colors which are known to influence our mood and insight. They add context to our content. A right color plan improves the efficiency of the message you want to pass. I have learnt how to make proper use of colors to my infographic. Two main colors are appropriate. An infographic should contain a maximum of two main colors and the rest should be secondary colors. Also, sufficient white space should be made available for the eyes to stay relaxed. To improve my infographic design, making use of animation would have been better compared to doing a poster. The animation would have caught the attention and more people. Moreover I would have been able to design the infographic using the twelve principles of animation and I can actually see the principles of animations taking place. Furthermore, I believe that using suitable eye catching colors would have enhanced the infographic design since it would easily catch the attention of people. Using various shapes to describe each principle of animation would also improve the infographic. In addition to this, before the assignment, we should have done some infographic tutorials.

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