Key Principle of Graphic Design

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After I’ve read a lot of about principle of graphic design. I’ve summed up some most important principles I think. The first on is Proximity.The proximity elements should be close to each other so that can form a visual unit rather than several separate elements. Use related can help people to get information and reduce confusion. Designers can organize related elements together, the closed location means there are related. And also can use the position of the closeness to the reaction relationships between elements. But do not have too many elements on a page and elements of different groups do not associate.

And the second thing is Alignment. The meaning of the alignment is each element position on the page are not free to decide. Each element should exist some kind of visual contact with certain content on the page, so as to set up a clear visual environment.There are many positions in graphic design as symmetry, center, left / right alignment, etc.When most of the designers are from the beginning of design centering began. Centering allows design becomes clearer.But not all design have to symmetrical.When the design has a lot of text the designer has to find a clear alignment lines. However, in some special design will use irregular alignment to achieve the design effect.

The the third is Repetition, it’s similar with Proximity but not a same thing. The Repetition is consistent, repetitive elements can make a font, a thick line, some symbols, colors, a certain format, or spatial relationships,etc. Repeating elements need not be identical. If repeated elements is clear, you can use different ways to interpret this element, rather than simply copying. Design may also comprise only a portion of repeating elements. Just take some of elements will contribute to the association. Simple and full of design sense. Repetition not only for single-page design. In a multi-page design repetition has a more important role to consistent. However, to avoid a repetition of elements too much, it will confuse the focus.

Now have the Repetition and Proximity, so another thing is Contrast. The contrast is an effective way to enhance the visual effect. Strong contrast can be a good attention, to make people aware of this design. In some designs, two completely different elements may be combined with each other to form a sharp contrast, and must highlight the difference between the two elements to achieve the effect of enhancing the visual impact.Highlight and bold is also a way to comparison in text.If we want to form an effective contrast. Two elements must be completely different. But do not be contradictory.

The last thing is the most important rule of graphic is the White space. Design must have a blank area. If design that attempt to put a lot of content and graphics into a page will uncomfortable and may be difficult to peruse it at short time. A too crowded design will make people feel reluctant to watch, which lost the meaning of design.

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  1. ftleow says:

    1. incorrect referencing format
    2. Good point and well organized content
    3. But lack of elaboration on your reflection for the design plan
    4. Should use 3rd person writing style, but not ‘me’, ‘i’, ‘we’
    5. more layout design can be applied to the infographic design

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