Colour Concept for Designer


Colour concept for designer

Colour is everywhere around us, everything in this world with colour. According to science colour are base from refraction of white light into several different kind of colours. But for designer what is colour and how was the colour going to affect their product or works. For designer, there is three different type of colour that is primary, secondary and tertiary. Then these type of colour split into two groups that is warm or cold.



Primary colours are colour that is original without any mixing with other colour like red, blue and yellow. Secondary colour is the colours that are made of mixing both of the primary colour like purple, green and orange. Tertiary colours are colours that mixing of primary and secondary colour like maybe purple red.

Other than that, warm colours are colours like red and yellow and anything associated with it. This is due to we can find the colours in sunrises or sunset. Cold colours are colours looks “cool” that usually found on night or water.








Not only that, each of the colours also carries different kind of meaning. Red means passion and love. Traditional Chinese wedding uses red as their main colour because it has meaning of happiness and love. Orange carries a meaning of cheerful and vigor. It is more a lighter version of red so is more friendly. Yellow stands for hope and cheerfulness because it is the brightest colour. Green obviously is for natural or anything about it because all tree or plant that always is green in colour. Blue means depression or sadness . Purple is royalty and prosperity . Black is evil and bad. Gray means moody and rigid. White means purity or innocence. Brown means natural and simplicity.

Colour harmony also is a colour concept that is important for designer. There is three type of example of colour harmony. Firstly, using the colours is that close to each other as an example red , yellow and orange.  Secondly, using the colours is that call as opposite like white and black. Lastly, based on the nature of something that we can find the colours in some object that consist of different colour and we can use it at another place and we wouldn’t feel imbalance.









Colour context also is one of the colour concepts for a designer. This can be shown by putting same colour with other colours, result will be differ because the contrast as an example if you want to show on a orange object but you put it with yellow colour eventually yellow colour going to grab all the attention and the focus lost. Besides, you will also get a different reading for a colour if u mixed with other colours.

From this assignment, I learnt that the things that we should and shouldn’t be done in our group project to avoid mistakes. As an example we shouldn’t use a brighter colour to cover our main point to promote with. Not only that different kind of colours also can give people who view it different kind of feeling.

This assignment also gave me some idea about or project assignment that about environmental friendly design to implement 3R (Reduce ,Reuse and Recycle). I will suggest that maybe we can implement some cold colours in some place that is consider kind of warm to give the cool feeling in order to reduce uses of air-conditional.

As conclusion, colours hold a very important role in every design. Colours is not just a colour but it’s more than a colour.


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