Individual Assignment – Color concept for designers


Color concept for designers:

In designing colors takes an importent place since it affect people differently and explain their attitude for a certain color in a variuos ways, this happen due to culture background or may be becuase of personal reasoning, so in order to make a use of the colors in future design studyign the consepts of colors and theory terminology is rather helpful and essential.


Hue indicates pure colors, also blending refined hues can be defined as hue e.g. red + yellow= Orange. The use of hue in designe affects people depending in the meaning of the color, for example the use of the red color could denote to different meanings like passion or energy.


Chroma is the purity of the hue, in other word it is the hue that never been mixed with white or gray or black. In designing using high chroma hues togather may make it too bright resulting in less contrest in the design, because of that avoiding the use of hues with a similer chroma give the design more depth and a solid shape.


Saturated color means the color’s highly pure and vivide, less saturated color is the pale and faded color. Cameron Chapman (2010) Stated that ”In design hues with very similar saturation levels make more of cohesive-looking design”.


Value means how light or dark the color is , the more lighter is the color the higher is the value of the color , for instance the orange color has more value than dark purple, white has the highest value, black has the lowest value of any hue. In designing using differents colors values especially with high contrast values that generally turn out into magnificent result.


Adding the gray color into a hue create tones whitch make the hue dull and softer looking than the pure hues. The use of tones in a design give it the feeling of classic or old-fashioned depending on the choose of colors, it can also add sophisticated or elegent look to the design.


Shade is different from tones in the color used to make the shades witch is the black color, in tones gray is used to create tones of the hue while shade make a darker hue. When it come to design very darke shades is used insteade of black and it works as neutrals, sometimes using tonts wih shadows insteade of balck to avoid heavy and dark looking design.


Blinding white with hue make it lighter this craete a tint. Using tint in a design can add a feminen feels to it , it also work in vintage designs.


To wrap up, we can say colors can be in various forms and levels, The choose of colors and its different properties wether it dark or light affect the design in many ways.

Personal Reflection:

I gained from this assignments that the use of colors can be tricky, it can magicly turn the design into a attractive and Stunning desing but it can also turn it into a dull boring desing, so making a color scheme carefully and choosing the suitable colors can result into atttracrive design.


I think the color concepts theary can contribute in my group assignment to make the desing solid and attracrive in terms of deciding the proper colors that fits the theme, make a suitable color scheme like using lighter colors to make softer desing or bold solid colors for stronger design.


Cameron Chapman, 2010. Elements of Design: Value & Color. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 08 March 2015].



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