Principles of animation

In this assignment perform the principles of animation. Animation had many years in this world and this principle was set by the Disney that has 12 principles. So, I use the basic color and the circle shape to present the topic. So, I use the circle to show the principles of this topic. I was using the blue season color to show the shape and I using the blue gradual change to be the background color. I also put the circle shape to be a swirl and the circle colors were difference. I also have put some example to show some principles in this topic.

In this topic, I have learn some animation knowledge to make me can do design the animation with more correctly. Like the arc most of the action will have an arc like the thrown the ball it will be an arc shape but something is difference. Like the mechanical movement it will done by the straight line. If the baseball player is a powerful player it can be throw the straight ball without the arc. And the slow in and slow out most of the animation will presenting the drawing with the moving in ball have close and in medium the it will be some far after that when the thing is out it will like the in close to show the animation more natural. In this principles has one is most important in this topic that was Squash and stretch. This principles is talk about the any kind of action like jumping swimming or running that must be have the muscle will be difference so we need to be show the assignment with more natural and correctly let it no see like a machinery. Like the bouncing ball it fall to the floor it will show like squash and stretch. Anticipation this is talk about the thing has a time to prepare and do something. So the people or character was doing something like shoot the ball. He drawing the character pull up his hand like this do make the more audience let the people know he want to shot the ball. Timing this also is a important thing in the animation a correct timing can make the drawing action was translate like a flow on the film.

In this kind of principle it can make me will not do the too poor animation and I it make me have some basic knowledge of the animation design.




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