Tips for visual strategy



Tips of Visual Strategy

In the knowledge of Biology in Science, human eyes is the most important part of the human body and receptors. Our eyes can see many objects, colours, shapes, information and more, we called this is the visual. In our daily life now days, we can see many signboards, posters, Facebook shared photos and Instagram. These kind of pictures have the visual strategy which is help us to gain, receive, analyse, and understand the information inside of it.

What is visual strategy? In short, it is a strategy that we use our visual elements to gain some hidden information from an image or poster. It also is a useful and powerful tools to support or improve communication from the body language and environmental intimation.

From the effectiveness of the visual strategy, I learned some tips of it that can enhance or improve my working performance, build up a well-function business, and also the group assignment in future. These are the useful and reliable points I would like to share with you.

Firstly, embrace your visual imaginary is one of the key of visual strategy. In the experiment, a scientist conclude that out human brain process can perform visual faster than text in a short time. With this advantage, we can focus the pictures what is the message does the pictures want to bring out to us. In a business, the company or self-own business can precise the social media-friendly visuals in response. Second, be human. Sometimes we need to comprehend the human thinking so that the visual strategy applied for better performance when the detail has the human element. Human would like to see how the product is made, they want to see the other profile of our brand. Next, we need to make ourselves useful. What kind of useful is? For example, when we ongoing our business, what we need to earn the gains is from customers or consumers. We have to listen from them in order to get what kind of topic they mentioned about. After that, take action to create a new product or new brand that contains around those topic to draw their attentions. Last but not least, if you want to look for trends for further extension what your consumers are sharing the most, we need to analyse the content that is the most positive, share worthy, and useful. However, the benefits will bring into the company by using these tips of visual strategy.

From the visual strategy, we know that it is very important to attract the people in identify the main message inside the picture. For our group assignment, we will apply this skill to ensure that we can gain more readers and encourage them to share our work to all around the place. In addition, we hope that this kind of strategy can apply to different area to improve their business well.



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  1. ftleow says:

    1. incorrect referencing format and no citation in the paragraphs
    2. lack of elaboration on your reflection for the design plan
    3. Should use 3rd person writing style, but not ‘me’, ‘i’, ‘we’
    4. should have more info and content in the infographic

  2. ftleow says:

    1. Should use 3rd person writing style, but not ‘me’, ‘i’, ‘we’
    2. incorrect referencing format and no citation in the paragraphs
    3. topic and content are less relevant and less detailed
    4. lack of elaboration on your reflection for the design plan

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