Visual elements (colors, size, symbolic images) used by eye-care campaigns

1. Introduction of topic

Visual elements are very important in graphic design. Jack Frederick Meyers (p. 71) has said “if the viewer’s eyes are permitted wander at will through a work then the artist has lost control”. Many people will perceive and respond to visual elements when looking at a good art work.  Robin Landa (2001, p. 14) has listed many visual elements for graphic design such as colour, line, shape, value, texture, format.

Connie Malamed (2009, p. 71) has argued that people’s eyes may be attracted by an interesting feature or an internal goal which can easily direct their attention. Therefore, visual elements play a crucial role in the design of the eye-care campaign.


1.1 Introduction of visual element :Colour

Colour is one of the very powerful design elements. Colour is quite easy to attract people’s attention. Robin Landa (2001, p. 17) said that it is not easy to control colour when an original work is being creating. The challenge remains when it comes to printing a webpage and viewing on computer screen.

According to BBC, colour can be divided into three types. There are primary colour, secondary colour andtertiary colour. Primary colours are colours which cannot be created by mixing any other colours such as red, blue, yellow colours. On the other hand, secondary colours can be extracted from mixing two primary colours together. Furthermore, tertiary colour is the result of mixing primary colours and secondary colours.


primaryPrimary Colours can be mixed and then become secondary colours



1.2 Introduction of visual element :Size

Size also plays an important role in design. There are three factor need to be considered when it comes to design. The first factor is function. Designers should think about how the artwork will be used so they can design a suitable product.

Secondly, designers should think about which size is best to attract people’s attention. Generally, people will be attracted easily by large images or large fonts.

Thirdly, designers should consider how to organize their piece, the most important element usually will be made the largest. On the other hand, designers will make the least important element the smallest. Doing such organisation can makes people see the key points very easily.


headlines and subline

The fonts used for Headlines are larger than the fonts used for subheadlines



–The large fonts can attract people’s attention easily


  1. Existing Samples and share understanding of samples

eye care campagin

This is the poster of Eye-Care Campaign 2014 in Malaysia. The font size of the title is the largest in the poster, this can attract people’s attention easily. Besides that, using different colours can make the poster more appealing.


eye am life

People will be easily attracted by the colours before they pay attention to the larger texts and the then the smaller texts.



good design

A good design consists of different kinds of colour, font size and image size.



3.Personal reflection

In my opinion, there is still room for improvement in online advertising. Internet users can always see the advertisement and they will more understand the event. It will win popularity with the internet users.


Online advertisement

For the online advertisement and information of eye care campaign, I suggest that the use of blue colour should be reduced.  According to President of Universal Eye Centre, Pi-Jung Lin, more blue light will increase the risk of developing eye diseases such as Cataract and Macular Degeneration. In other words, people’s eyes will be more comfortable with less blue light.

Besides that, I suggest a night mode should be created for website advertisement.   That is because people are more sensitive to red light in the dark. Red light has been used by many company’s application to prevent from reducing night vision. For example, Stellarium, an astronomy software, uses red colour as night mode colour Besides that, night mode has also been used by other mobile application.

night mode

night mode red



Visual elements are very important in graphic design. Designers can create many new colours by combining at least 2 different colours. Besides that, size of the title, image or tagline also has impact on people’s attention.

Designers have to have good understanding about the importance of visual elements such as the properties of colour, so that they can avoid of using conflicting colour. Besides that, sizes of fonts, taglines and images also have to be noticed in order to make people pay attention to key points easily.

In this assignment, I have learned more about visual elements. I feel confident to do the next group assignment.




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