Key Principle in Graphic Design

Key Principle in Graphic Design

  1. Contrast

Contrast can be used in theme fonts, lines, colour, white space and others, to get noticed by the reader and establish the information level. Design elements are grouped together, it combined with strong alignment, repeat arrows and bullets points. It must have a strong contrast between the two elements, otherwise it will look like a choreography mistake.


Figure 1: Contrast use in design

  1. Repetition

Repeat tied to strengthen the design of a single element. It helps to create relevance and consistency. You can repeating the uses of colours, fonts, lines, blank design as well as sub-symbols, just like the use of repetitious hooks in a song.

Figure 2 : Repetition use in design

Figure 2 : Repetition use in design

  1. Alignment

Well arrangement of elements could help to maintain balanced design and it allows them to create a visual connection between different elements.

Figure 3: Alignment use in design

Figure 3: Alignment use in design

  1. Proximity

Proximity means that the same content elements grouped together, to get noticed by the reader to different parts of the message. In the other words, proximity means the different element should be connected in visually.

Figure 4: Proximity Use in Design

Figure 4: Proximity Use in Design

  1. White Space

Space represent the distance between different elements. Design with proper template layout, will enhance the effect, positive and negative space are the important part that should be considered in every design.

Figure 5: White Space use in design

Figure 5: White Space use in design

  1. Balance

Balance provides a stable and structure design. There are not distinct to your design that must put two same size of elements, it can be achieve in several ways, it consists of two type, either Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance refers to two side of element are evenly equal. Asymmetrical balance refers to the use of contrast.

Figure 6: Balance use in design

Figure 6: Balance use in design



Personal Reflection and New Insight

After I done this assignment, I have learned more the Photoshop skill in this assignment. It wasn’t easy to use Photoshop software and design an infographic for a beginner like me, the design progress of infographic was totally out of my expected. Before I started out, I’m finding and referring to a lot of online resources, see what others do and how they applied their design in limited space. The challenge that I had met, is how to present few paragraph of information in such limited space. Here are the things that we should prepared before I start out, such as: summarize the information,  who are my target audience, what are the message and how to perform it in the graphic way etc. In order to fulfill the requirement,  I keep making the changes, over and over again, and asking for their opinion from my friends. Fortunately, I still able to complete it within the time given. In the group assignment, I believe that I’m able to deliver a quality product and do more contribution to my group member. Due to I already have experience it in this assignment, will be easier for me. In the other words, I still have to improve my skill and come out with new ideas, to another level. I suggest that, in group assignment, every member can in charge of the part they are good at because we are able to produce a quality product and will be more efficient.



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Infographic- Water

Why design infographic in such way?

I using the light blue colour as background to match the theme- water. In the top, the word “Water” was enlarged to emphasize the theme and the information that I want to deliver. In order to make it looks tidy, the layout has been divided evenly to make it well alignment. In the other words, the term contrast has also been applied in this design as the different kind of sign used in the dark colour. The reason why I’m putting a various type of signed, is to highlight it and also deliver the information in graphical way.

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