Assignment 1: Color Concept for designer

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Topic 3: Color concept for designers


In a good design, we all know that color play the most major roles in triggering someone’s feeling, attitude or reaction which is different from one to another. Usually, the factor may be because of some personal reason or even may be because of cultural environment. We learnt that how colors can influence someone’s emotion as a group or individually and there are also successful human that build their career based on their knowledge on this color theory.

There are three basic groups of color in the theory which is primary color, secondary color and also the tertiary color. In primary color group, it contain red, blue and yellow color. There are the color that cannot be formed or created by mixing some other color together. Secondary color group, it contain of the three primary color and added on by orange (formed by yellow + red), purple (formed by red + blue) and also the green color (formed by blue + yellow). Tertiary color group, which is yellow-orange, red-purple, blue-green, red-orange, blue-purple and also yellow-green. They are created by the mix of colors in the primary and secondary group. That’s why their name contain of two word, example, blue-green.

Besides, these color groups can be classify into something more specified. Which is warm color and also the cool color. Warm colors are the colors like red, orange, yellow or sometime combine them together and form a warm color. This type of color tend to make people feel cozier for example painting a room with big space with warm color can make it feel warm. Cool colors are the color like green, light purple that making people feel calm and relax. Painting by using this group of color can also use to make an enlargement visually to a small room.

At the same time, color harmony is also the other important concept for a designer in doing their work. Color harmony can be achieve when the color used in the design are placed next to the other in the color wheel. In this case, they are usually mixed perfectly and create the serene effect that makes the user feel comfortable. Furthermore, saturation is also another thing that a designer have to concern more on it because this represent (how) saturated the color is in a color design. When lower the saturation, this will cause the image to turn out in less overall color. Saturation also referring to how hue appears under particular light conditions.

Intensity means the dullness or brightness of a color. In the other word, a pure color would be the brightest intensity, while the dullest will be something that you can’t identity because it is something looks similar like gray. Chroma means the purity in color. It is more or less like the saturation but it is not the same. High chroma hue contain no white, black and grey, and chroma will be reduced when these three colors are added into it. Shade is formed when the color black is added to hue, and only the hues that are turned darker by adding black into it is consider as shade. Tint is very similar to shade in explanation just it will add white color into a hue.


In this assignment, I’ve gained so much knowledge in the concept of color, like the group of colors, or some other important thing like harmony, saturation. In my final group assignment, I will apply all this color knowledge into the assignment so that we can make it more attractive, and quality.

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