Tips of Visual Strategy—– Assignment 1

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In our daily life, we can meet a lot different kind of visual strategy like road sign, food logo, business product and traffic sign etc. Both are them are effectiveness visual strategy, its help us to receive, analysis, and understand the information around us.

Visual strategy is a strategy that how we can use the visual element to help us complement and emphasize the textual message. From an experiment, the scientist had calculate that human brain processes visual 65000 times faster than text. Which means that visual offering a great benefits to the people that can curate social media-friendly visuals that drive them an immediate reply.

There are three visual strategy I had learn which is “Sharpen your Focus”, “Build your Competence”, and “Ignite your Passion”.

Sharpen your focus which is keep it simple. Do put too many thing on your info graphic, it will make the reader confuse which are the main point of the graphic. Just contain only one title in the graphic to identify the thing which you want to express to reader clearly.

Build your Competence is treasure your talent. Try to show your strongest skill into the info graphic like creative and drawing skills. In an info graphic, colour is an important issue to attract the reader to read this. So the balance of colour is important for any info graphic. We have to balance our view of design to gain a great graphic.

Ignite your Passion can let us connect to paint the picture. Just I had said that, colour is an important issue to attract reader. Paint the picture with relative to your title for example, to express sky or sea we can use blue, nature can use green colour. Designer have to use their design to ignite the reader passion, to let the reader take action to proceed to other step than just reader info graphic. For every info graphic design, those point have to connect to other point to make connection. It is because catch the attraction of the reader to make the want to read the next information.


For every info design, the strategy to attract the people to read the design is very important. So the visual strategy it contain a very high level in design. In our group assignment, we had planned to use sarcasm to attract the reader. The reader will think that why we say them like useless. They will get feel of curiosity to continue read the info graphic. We also use some element to bring out the message for the public with visual.
From this assignment I had learned about the use of visual strategy, visual strategy is not only use in our daily life, it also help to cure the Autism people. Visual strategy help the young patient to learn new thing from visual. Visual strategy make the life more creative, we not only can read the thing with text. For example, when we type the message, EMOTION is a tool for us input the message, it can show the feelings, place, animals or others show with visual icon.

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    1. Should use 3rd person writing style, but not ‘me’, ‘i’, ‘we’
    2. citation is needed in the paragraph
    3. should have more info and content in the infographic
    4. lack of elaboration on your reflection for the design plan

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