Individual Assignment One – Principle of Animation

Individual assignment one – Principle of Animation

Infographic Poster :

Principle of animation Edited 2


The process of my info graphic design :

The first thing that came in my mind about designing a info graphic poster is color, shape, the visual rhythm and layout of the design. The layout and the visual rhythm of the design are the most important design measurement for a info graphic poster. It determine where the viewer should look at from the start till the end of the design without confusing them. I think very carefully of the layout design before I start doing any work of my info graphic design. I look through many kind of info graphic design for ideas in the internet.

After I planned my layout, I am starting to find the tools or any design supportive software to assist on my work. Then, I found an internet tool that specialize for info graphic designing called Piktochart. Piktochart is a really useful tool for info graphic designer. It has many kinds of preset info graphic ready for the designer, but I did not choose any of it because I don’t want plagiarize any other design.

I want my own design and I don’t want to have any bad feelings when I show my art work to my lecturer. I used the most of the shape and font tools from Piktochart to create my info graphic. I aligned all the points and description on the side of the design to let viewers feel comfortable when looking at it. After inserting all the fonts, I downloaded the design from Piktochart and sent it into Photoshop for modification. I done all the pictures insertion and colors in the Photoshop. I search through the internet for relevant pictures or cartoons for my design. Most of my chosen pictures is in black and white cause I want to bring back the history of animation and design my info graphic in a retro style. I also modify the brightness, contrast and color value of picture at the end of my modification.

I like my design very much and I hope all my viewers can fully understand all the 12 principle of animation after looking at my info graphic design.


Animation actually has a really long history, it had been existed in the early 1600’s and it had been very popular in the public since then. There are many kinds of principles for animation, because different famous animators give different kinds of principle and ideas, but I will explain the 3 principles that most helpful and supportive to my group project procedure.

First, the principle that provide most support to my animation project is the timing principle. Timing is very important when creating an animation, it refers to the number of frames for the action. Perfect and accurate timing can show that the animation is obeying the law of physic and make it look more realistic.  The use of timing can also depends on the mass volume, size and weight of the drawing object, like character that heavier and larger than the tiny ones should move slower. A character mood, emotion and reaction can be establish by using timing, it also can use for communicate aspect of a character personality. Example, we can judge that the character reacts slowly when texting by slowing down the timing when he is texting.

After that, Exaggeration principle is also a very useful effect for animation, because it will look boring and static when it looks completely same of the reality. The level of exaggeration is depends on the animator’s particular style. In the Disney way, exaggeration remains to be true to reality but explain it in wilder and funnier style. If the cartoon brings out the reality in a very realistic way, this will not gain much attention from the crowd. Exaggeration should be balanced in the animation to avoid confusing the audience. Too much of exaggeration can make the story looks even faker and lost interest from watching it.

Secondary action is one of the 3 principle of animation I think is very important to me. Giving a secondary action to the animated character can let it feel more life and realistic. When a person is walking, he can keep his arm in the pocket while whistling or expressing any facial expression. Secondary actions also can bring out the character emotion or mood to react with his main action and situation like when cowardly person is escaping from death he should be crying with tears while running, so it means that he felt very nervous and scare. The important thing about the secondary action is to support and emphasize, but not taking away attention from the main action.

These 3 principles of animation really help me lot on working my animation, it help me started to understand how animation works and reduced my mistakes. According to my group project topic, the 3 R’s ,I decided to make an animation clip that showing the earth is in danger in an exaggerated style by increasing the chaotic effects in the clip. A small kid will play as my main character in my animation and the whole story is about him trying to rush to the space center and escape from planet earth. In the journey, the character will cry and keep wiping off his tears with his arm as his secondary action while he is running, the purpose of adding this secondary action is to bring out the cruelness of the social world because most of the people only care about them self when danger strikes in even though you are child. There will be some slow timing motion on the main character running part, because I want to let the viewers to see the surrounding objects that he pass by like the tree and plants are going to die, people are begging for help, the dead body of the animal are rotting and more sad situation. The color of the scene that he run pass by will turn to black and white to make the situation even sadder and giving a kind of helpless feeling. After the ship launched to the air, the surface of the earth started to become dust to perform the wonder of exaggeration. At last, the clip ended with a word: “Mr. Earth served us for trillion of years and this is how we treat him back, leave him dead.”

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