Assignment 1(Tips for visual strategy)

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I choose bright color included with stripes lines as a background for my info-graphic because if a person walk in long distance also can attract by the bright colors.I choose sports theme as my whole is sports developing a person physically and mentally fit and give a fresh mind.Sports also teach us different skills and techniques to win for each activity.This key word “skills and techniques” is important to create some designs successfully.I choose golf because to play golf we must need own strategy and techniques to win for that sports so i use golf as my design for my own tips.The second picture is a marathon, i choose this for internet resources is because the internet is more beyond and running like marathon or up-to-date new technologies each an every days.The third picture is ice skating, i choose skating because combine athletic skills such as emphasizing jumps,spins,and other movement.So, the field using visual strategy also similar to ice skating movement, different fields use visual strategy not only the art designers.

Visual can define as whatever we see such as body language, pictures, symbols, object or printed materials. Visual strategy means positioning a brand in market place to attract the consumer with constant message with visual explanation. Visual strategy comes from research for Autism individuals that more effective when use the information with organized pattern. Individual with learning disability, communication disorder and many more are get benefits for visual strategy.

Visual strategy is used in various fields such as autisms, storytelling, developing organization, marketing and much more. Tips for autisms are using schedules of cue cards with simple pictures with colors. Simple images and colors will give more information to autisms and their brain will more functional. In storytelling, live in the moment. Must understand the situation of present moment and prepared to fit for that moment. For example Dunkin’ Donut’ having campaign Dunkin Replay on vine without over planning. Tips for developing organization is gathering content and improve new and fresh presentation of content. Infographic galore is tips for marketing strategy. Simple present of messages with a colorful pictures and quick messages help to attract the attention of consumers.

Tips for visual strategy from internet resources are be helpful, keep short, be informative, humanize, creative and passion, and listen to consumer ideas. The visual strategy must be helpful to consumers to increase awareness of some events happens surrounding us and this help consumer up-to-date current issues. Keep the information short and present with direct point is important because unnecessary information create clutter and consumer will ignore that content .Be informative is clear information with less imagery will give more messages than usage of more pictures and icons. Because using more pictures and icons, possible to lost the messages. The content must holding the humanize meaning and not use unpleasant art, worst fonts example is papyrus (avatar poster) .Be creative and passion is a designer must think beyond and love to do the design well but not to release common outputs. Mind-blowing art will attract consumers easier than common art work. Listen to consumer ideas is best way to move our product to success. If consumer request for upgrade the content by their new ideas, it is way to close with them to get more opportunity to know about their likes and needs for current moment.

Proverb from Milton Glaser an American graphic designer “To design is to communicate clearly whatever means you can control or master”

My own tips, visual strategy must be out of the box, show positive impact, give quick messages, show the originality of content and uses of unlimited colors. In this modern era, the technology is more in usability by everyone. To create visual content, have to think out of the box. That’s mean did not have boundaries of explore new element or content to create extraordinary work to attract consumer. For example 2013 Poster School of Design by Kulachek Anna. The visual content must show positive impact to consumer. The positive impact from the visual, must give some motivation to consumer and increase thinking criteria. It’s make them more positive thinking and good decision makers . Quick message is important in this busy world. Quick message easy to remember, save time and get knowledge quickly. The visual content must be original that means the originality of information must not loosed because correct and own creation information is important, not copy someone work or fake information. Colors are playing main role to create visual strategy. Colors attract consumer attention. Apply colors such as green give more refreshing and relaxing mode for consumer.

From this report, i got some knowledge’s about visual strategy, the techniques of design the info-graphic from particular topic.I also got develop some positive attitude and behaviors such as time management, thinking criteria, motivation of do not give up and much more.


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