Individual Assignment(Concept of color for designer)


What is color? When objects emit or reflect lights, the attributes that make them generate different feeling to the eyes of the spectators are called color. Color systems can be categorized into 2 types. There are subtractive color and additive color. Subtractive color method is the color system that create colors with ink when we are using printer to mix the colors while additive color method create colors with lights like how our computer screens work. When using subtractive color method, the more colors are added, the darker the result will become. The result of additive color method is the opposite of subtractive color method which is become lighter. By knowing this, I can guide my teammate on our team project on how to choose the correct color method for different situations.

Colors can be classified into primary, secondary and tertiary. Red, green and blue colors are example of primary colors. By combining different primary colors, we can get different secondary and tertiary colors. Colors can bring different feelings to every people because of different people have different aspect of view and interest. Therefore, colors are also classified into another 3 types which are warm colors, cool colors and neutral colors. Red, orange and yellow colors are example of warm colors which give people the feeling of energetic, danger or powerful. Cool colors have blue, purple and green colors which bring the feeling of relaxation and peace. Neutral colors are usually used for background design because they are not very attention-grabbing and easily disturbed by other colors of the environment.Examples are black and white color. With the knowledge of warm, cool and neutral colors, I can help my teammates to get suitable colors for our project designs like we are doing 3R project, so we need to use cool color that brings peace feeling. If we need to grab the attention of audiences, we need to use more warm colors.

There are also different type of color schemes which are associations or arrangement of colors to use in design activities. Examples of color schemes are monochromatic, complementary, triadic, analogous and square.each color schemes provide different method of combination of colors to help designers work better with colors. In this assignment, I also learned some specific terms of color such as tint, hue and saturation. Hue is the degree that a impulse can be said as same or different from impulse red, green, blue and yellow. Saturation is the level of pureness of hue. After addition of gray color, hue that created by it is called shade. However, tint is created by adding white color. These terms make me more understand about how colors are working in our design.

As conclusion, color is an important element in designing. Without color, it is hard even just to grab the spectators’ attention, not to mention about convey the main message of our design to audiences. I have learned a lot about colors from this assignment. By having these knowledge, I can help my teammates better in our project when there are problems in coloring of the design. I can also help to choose suitable colors for the target audiences of our design to grab their attentions. Color schemes are also important to make our design looks more interesting.



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Description of artwork:

In this poster, there is zero use of templates and all are done by using function in photoshop. Even the black rectangle bracket outside the poster is drawn using brush in photoshop. I used the concept of puzzles because colors are inseparable. To create more colors, we need to combine colors together. I used the puzzle shapes in photoshop function to create them. I spent the most time in this area because the puzzle shapes provided are unable to combine each others. Therefore, I need to use brush to fill in the blank area to combine them. The line pattern inside each puzzle shapes are drawn using line tool. They are drawn one by one in each puzzle shape. I created fire, snowflakes and equal shapes to represent warm, cool and neutral colors. I adjusted the opacity of the blue shape in front of the word “Terms” to make the best use of space in the poster.



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