Color concepts


Colour is an integral part of the design, it can affect the feeling of overall design. Background coupled with different themes in different colours has different emotions that people can produce.

Any color is used primary colours red, green, and blue components. The three primary colour, red is the only warm. Therefore, to determine the colour of warm and cold,  is composed of three colours, red component to decide. If the blue was the dominant cold, otherwise warm. Like, purple is composed by red and blue, and red, and will determine the different levels of worm and cool. Different proportions of red and blue will determine the heating and cooling degree of the purple. So when the red component is more than blue then purple will become warm. On the contrary, purple will become cool.

Warm colours are derived from the color of the sun out of the colour, but red, orange, yellow, giving a warm and soft feel, can stimulate and soothe our emotions, and this is the nature of warm colours. Cool colour gives calm, focused and soothing our spirit, it can also create a cool atmosphere. Blue and purple are all cool colors, while cool colors are pink too. Neutral colour is black, white and gray colours. Suitable for any colour mix.


Red, blue and green are the main three primary colours. Red is a colour have a stimulating effect, make people produce impulsive, angry, passionate, energetic feeling. Blue is the most cool, cool and bright colours. Green in between warm and cold colors we two, is a neutral color, it is peace, tranquility, sound, feeling rested. The yellow has a happy, hope, wisdom and lively personality, its highest brightness can fully reflect the light.

White has a white, crisp, pure and clean feel. Black has a quiet, sad, evil, despair, destruction and other feelings. Black and white are usually used as a strong contrast when they used. The gray has a moderate, ordinary, moderate, humility, neutrality, repentance feelings. It is used to reconcile the conflict between black and white.

Black, gray, white, gold, silver are five of the most non-controversial “neutral.” While others, such as earth tones, blue, green, etc. reminiscent of natural scenery no gender colours, from feelings of the heart, the people are very neutral feeling, also called “neutral colours. ” Any colour is possible with different people will have a “neutral” feeling.


“Neutral” gives the impressions that easily enable people to avoid fatigue, but calm and dignified. “Neutral” is a very intellectual colour, has a very important position in the colour, the “neutral colour” can be used to reconcile the colour matching, highlight other colours, so the “neutral” and bright colours usually match is the best.


This picture is about the boys and girls of color perception, so that we can more easily use for different types of needs it the most suitable color. This will make the product more attractive to welcome a specific population. This picture shows the difference between boys and girls, the boys are more consistent view of color, while girls perception of color is very changeable.




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