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Tips for visual strategy

From the infographic above, there are four tips of visual strategy. Visual strategy plays an important role in graphic design because it determines how the design will grab the people’s attention. Visual strategy need to be planned and applied correctly in every design to make the people know that which part comes across for first attention and which part is less important. Visual strategy applied in every design also tend to make every people agree with the designer based on his or her mindset in designing the particular work. The first strategy in graphic design is testing and determining the design solutions with market research. After conducting the research of consumer market, we can understand what the consumer wants and design our work to satisfy the needs of consumers. As a designer, we have the obligation to bring the ideas and concepts to life, which means change an abstract idea to become a reality on the paper for the consumers. A good idea which creates fascinating visual display actually links consumers to the very symbolic brand messages. For example, the symbol of pepsi is designed based on the idea of something like young, energetic and new generation. Graphic design is not only about the poster or drawing design, but it also includes the animation design which provides the satisfaction to the consumers in visual and sound effects. Of course, any design works which has visual and sound effects are more attractive to consumers. Besides that, it can also bring out the design ideas more thoroughly and convey the messages more completely to the consumers. Sometimes, the design without the proper audio will be boring or produce cacophony. When working with sound, the graphic design is more interesting. Moreover, a good tip for visual strategy in design also includes complete understanding of principles in design. When we fully understand the principles, we can have a good planning in visual display and positioning in design such as how we come out with a proper arrangement of the details or objects inside the design so that the design can convey the correct and consistent message. The design will also pay attention on the part which should be more strengthen to give a powerful visual expression so that the consumers know which part need to be given more focus on to get the real message from the design. One of the principle of design such as the design should be consists of many elements like colour, textual elements, movement and cues will make the design more complete and tend to grab attention of consumers according to the visual effects which catch them. Different arrangement of parts in design will represent different meaning in the certain aspect of the design. Hence, a proper way to apply the principles is important to bring the core message and the real personality of the design. From what I have learnt, I will fully contribute all the tips for visual strategy to our group assignment. For the 3R concepts that we need to do in that assignment, we will do a research on what the community really interest in helping to protect the environment before we start to design all the works. After that, we will visualize the ideas of 3R in proper way of creativity in order to grab the people’s attention in helping the nature. I used photoshop to design the infographic. All the icons that I used are taken from the internet and each of them is related to each respective tip. The word ‘tips’ is rounded with a ring because they are very valuable in visual strategy for graphic design.



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