Individual assignment: Principles of animation (Darren CHOO I14005820)

principles of animation

principles of animation


The design separate into upper half part and lower half part. The lower part is separate into left and right part. Upper part is about the evaluation of animation. In earlier time, we use film as a storing tool that store every detail and action of the scene in the animation. Of course we need a white screen to display the result of the animation and at that time there was not any color animation yet. Now, we can use numerous of software to create our own animation. At the lower left part with white bar is part of the interface of a software called Adobe Flash. Full circle is represents as an object and the arrow between is the action of the object, the more bar arrow travel the more time object action. The wave is represents the frequency of sound, the bigger wave represents louder sound volume. The right part represents most of the movie maker interface which is the display part. We can see that now we can have color display not even in computer and also on any display devices. In the twelve principles, the most important is timing, we know that everything need time to complete even animation. Timing is the soul of animation which will affected the action speed of the object. After that slow in and out is mainly controlling the object that comes into our vision which is on the screen. For example, when we throw the ball up it will slowly goes up and when it come down its speed will be faster. Appeal is the main attraction way that could grab attention from person who like the style of animation. For example, there are many character in the Disney animation, each of the character have their own fans. Arcs is like an actual action that done by any object is life. For example, when we throw a ball, it is not possible that we throw the ball straight forward. An arcs line will be formed when we throw the ball. These four principles are barely important from the others principles for me to the group assignment. Of course we must have the knowledge of all of the principles but these three are basic mainly suggestion to know them for me.

How to draw the design:

Mainly used Adobe Illustrator to draw all the whole thing as it is as simple as just only shape, line and words.


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