Group 12 Proposal


1. Soh Jun Ren

2. Kek Yeong Le

3. Chang Tai Sheng

4. Lee Kah Choon

5. Loic Launi


Implementing 3R(reduce, reuse and recycle) concept in INTI International University Campus.


– To create an awareness regarding the growing waste issues in the country

– To promote and strengthen the concept of 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle)

– To build up the understanding of how important the 3R concept in developing a green society

– To utilize the knowledge acquired from individual assignment in order to produce best quality of graphic design


How do designers structure the projects (required content / features / information) for the best quality?

-thoroughly discussion between project team members.

-manage the time properly by scheduling.

-the strong concept of 3Rs

-the issues and consequences of growing waste

-Do more research about the relevant information through internet.



-Adobe Photoshop CS6

-Adobe Flash

-Microsoft Word


What issues (constraints)/ strategies (avoiding mistakes) that designers and client should discuss?

-complete the project within the time, budget and scope given.

-visible range of the design.

-main message of the design should be delivered in the way of easily understand.

-use suitable colour and typeface that can get attention as well as give an impact to the target audience.

-use larger font size and attractive logo to get attention.


What is the product (outcomes) and its delivery medium to be used?


– the concept of 3R successfully implemented and understand by target audiences

– capable to make everyone into action

– the environmental issues gradually improve

– capable of delivering the outcomes by the schedule established and within the controlled budget

Delivery medium:

– poster, web banner, bunting, T-shirt design, promotional menu, eco-bag

– animation clips

Type of artwork(formats) to be done

– 2D visuals artworks

– animation clips

Draft the prototype of each artwork by including the elements of graphic design

Visual theme and brand identity

Logo and tagline:


Tagline :   “Lauch 3R, lives with hopes”


Mascot :










We may choose penguin or 3 recycle bin with different colors as our mascot. We designed it as a penguin because it is an animal that is facing with the problem of global warming that caused them to lose their habitation. This is because of selfishness of human that do not care about environment and implement 3R concept.


Representative object:





2D visual aids














The poster will put at some place which can make the people notice it easily while they are walking through that place like covered area in the pictures





web banner:









It can also be used in the advertisement board




Event Bunting:









The area which suitable to place this is similar to poster.






The first picture is the draft of front view of T-shirt design. From the front view of the T-shirt, we can see that to save our Earth, we must implement 3R concept and the back view of the T-shirt shows that the Earth is turning black if 3R concept is not implemented because more factories are going to be built to produce more plastics.


Eco bag:


By implementing 3R concept now, reuse tyre to plant trees, we can secure the future of our children.


Promotional menu page(format draft):


The promotional menu page is mainly having cold colours with analogous colour schemes. The size will be 1/6 of an A4 paper and it will place on the top of tables where people will enjoy their meals and having their tea.


Describe the use (purpose) of these design elements in your artworks

– To effectively demonstrate the purpose of the project

– To increase the attractiveness of the artwork

– To draw the attention of the target audiences

– To emphasize the important message behind the particular elements

Colour is also known as one of the visual elements in graphic design. For this element, the colour that we decided to use in our design is green colour. Green colour, however, can be defined as the colour of life, nature, growth, harmony, energy, freshness, etc. Therefore, the reason why we choose green as our main colour is because we wanted to bring a comfortable feeling to the audiences when they look at our design. Besides that, we can also make the audiences feel fresh an harmony so that they can get the important message in a fresh manner. Another thing is the value contrast. Since the important thing is that we wanted to make the audiences able read and understand the message that we wanted convey. The value contrast also is a need in order to read the text on the page and perceive the details of it. Moreover, different value relationship also produce different visual effects and emotional effects. With the use of stunning image and persuasive text, we will able to make the design become more attractive and seek more attention from the audiences.


Page composition

How to achieve balance in optical weight

As optical weight was meant by how much something can attract the eyes of the viewer, a balance optical weight design can be achieved by choosing the suitable elements of graphic design and place it on the right place of a paper. For example, the factors that influence the optical weight are size, shapes, colour, texture, position and so on. For size, the bigger object is visually heavier than smaller object; which would resulted to a better optical weight. Besides, a object with regular shape is much more heavier than the object with irregular shape. Furthermore, position also considered as one of the elements that used to achieve balance optical weight. In order to achieve the balance, we may apply a bigger object or image on the centre of the paper; and put some small object like logo or tagline around the bigger object. For example, our poster and T-shirt was planning to design in that way so that the optical weight can be achieved. Besides, the bigger object that put at the centre also can become a focal point so that it can grab more attention from the audiences.

 The size of the visual elements

The size of visual elements was basically depends on how you want to present the elements on the paper. Different size of visual elements will bring us to different result. For example, a bigger size of element would get the attention of people at the first sight. Besides, a paper having many different sizes of visual elements will come out with another view and give a different perception to the audiences.

 The use of visual rhythm

The visual rhythm in graphic design was actually created by the repetition of visual elements such as shapes, colour, values and so on. The use of visual rhythm has the ability in creating a comfort and familiarity to the audiences. Visual rhythm also can be easily get the attention and give an impression to the audiences.

Describe the options used in the layout design

For the layout design, we will apply Z- layout and path layout in most of the 2d visual aids design. As for Z-layout, it can arrange the elements in a manner order, which can deliver the message in a proper manner and can be easily understand by the audiences. Besides, for the path layout, it can be a guidance for the audiences to further understand the message to be delivered by the artwork. Furthermore, it also more easily to grab the attention from target audiences.


storyline 1:

Main character A want to throw an empty bottle, main character B pass by and ask A not to throw the bottle and tell him why(3R), A don’t believe so B take A to his house. When they already reached B house, A is being inspired by all the arts and tools made by B by using empty bottles. A ask whether B can teach him or not and B tell him that if A can done recycle acts for empty bottle then B will teach him how to make an empty bottle useful in any area.




storyline 2:

Main character is a boy that doesn’t like 3R concept and simply throw rubbish without classifying them into plastic, glass or aluminum. A magician saw it and brought him into a story book of 3R to teach him the concept of 3R in there. After watching stories in the book by his own eyes, he become a good boy who implement concept 3R in his life to protect the Earth.


Storyline 3:

The story is about the main character was jogging on a sunny day. On the first scene, the character sweat a lot and then he take out a water bottle. After that, he open the capsule of the bottle and then drink it. After he finish the drink, he simply throw away the bottle. Next, the  bottle shows an expression of sad and cry. Follow by that, our mascot jump out and stop that main character. Our mascot then scold him and told him about the concept of 3Rs. After that, the main character was finally understand and he pick up the bottle again and throw it to recycle bin.


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