1. What type of agreements (title / objectives / aims / schedule) do designers and clients engage in?

Title: how to save out planet based on the 3R
– to educate people how to benefit from the 3R
– why 3R important for our environment
– To build awareness about the importance of our mother nature and applying the 3 R’s to save our environment

2. How do designers structure the projects (required content / features / information) for the best quality?
– why should we put 3R into practice?
– impact of 3R on environment
– benefits of 3R to human

3. What tools / software do designers use to manage their project?
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Flash

4. What issues (constraints)/ strategies (avoiding mistakes) that designers and client should discuss?
– avoid using too much color
– font type and font size should be comfortable to see on banner
– logo and picture design on the banner
– use high resolution picture

5. What is the product (outcomes) and its delivery medium to be used?
– Banner
– File cover
– Eco-bag
– Wallpaper

6. Identify type of artworks(format) to be done
– 2D artwork design
– video clip (animation)

7. Describe the use of these design elements in artworks
– for the visual strategy part, we can know our environment things easily through the mind-map and also picture. For example, visual strategy included object, picture, written words and symbols.
– key principles of graphic design to let the audience see clearly, to draw the attention of the audience, to emphasize on the message clearly
– color concepts allow the artwork to stand out and attract attention easily

8. Describe your consideration in page composition
-use a big text as slogan and fill in with red colour
-the background colour with light green
-use some picture as design to let people easy to remember and get the message
-for wallpaper not really suitable with the visual rhythm. but for the small trees on the design then can apply with visual rhythm.

File cover
-we will use asymmetrical balance to design
-will focus on F layout

-use asymmetrical balance to design
-size of visual elements must be big enough to be able to see from far
-visual rhythm can be applied on the 3R words

-opacity which is 70 used in background image to be transparent in the banner so that the other contents like text can be seen clearly
-used Asymmetric visual balance for the banner design
– size of the text and images are big to get a clear view
-visual rhythm applied on text and logo of the 3R which are repetitive design

9. Drafts of our design

File Cover



10. Storyboard of our animation
Lo Hao Zhe

Lee Kim Lun


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