Proposal Group 9




Group name: Greening is real

Title : Implementing 3R in INTI IU.


  • Increase the awareness
  • strengthen the 3Rs concept
  • present the information about 3Rs.


Softwares that used to complete this project:

  1. Adobe Photoshop CS6 – used to design almost everything
  2. Microsoft word – used for documentation/report
  3. Adobe Flash Pro CS6 – create animation.



  1. Awareness on 3R concepts is achieve.
  2. All designs would be presented smoothly.
  3. Lecturer is satisfy with the work.


Usage of fonts and font size that suits the design and easy to be read from a distance.

Colors used would be green shades of green, blue(dark ones especially), white and black, complementary colors.

background would be greens/ dark blue,

Advises – turn off the switch if not in use; only use whats necessary.

Visual rhythm: regular(used for poster and pen: fixed positioning and size) and progressive (bookmark: background image has changes in size) rhythm

Achieving balance in optical weight – the color mustn’t be too warm(red) or too cold(blue), shapes mustn’t be irregular (ie : uneven rectangular)


Visual theme and brand identity

1.logo design (final version one of these and probably change in color part)


2.tagline: forever green


mascot 2d

4. representative object


2D visuals for environmental design throughout INTI-IU campus

1.bottle design : can be found sold in food stalls in inti and given to people in hostel

2.bookmark : given free by librarians

z layout

3. eco bag : given out during info day or event.

4.pen : can be given out to student or bought.

o layout

5.poster  : in the lift and soft board in classes or even on tables.

uses z layout

6.Bunting : the bridge/outside(beside the door) student center

1-4 can be made into a bundle

bottlebm and poster

pen bagbunting



design DRAFT






Animation part

Ang Heng Kiat- bird flies in turns into logo then shown trees being cut rubbish being dump(might be just pictures) after that show “you can make a change” then display reduce reuse and recycle.(subject to changes)




Animation sketch: switch off the lights when not using!

Designed by Kek Yeong Shuenn.



Animation sketch: about paper!

Designed by Shyan.




Animation sketch: Saving water

Designed by Shaon

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