Proposal – Group 11

(Part 1)


Tips and Ideas for 3R’s


  • To let people know what the 3R’s are
  • To educate on how to implement the 3R’s in their daily lives
  • To conserve and preserve the environment
  • To help people save money with the implementation of the 3R’s
  • To improve human health
  • To prevent the extinction of flora and fauna by preserving their habitat


The aim of this project is to educate people on the many ways that they could implement the 3R’s for the benefit of the humans, environment, flora and fauna.


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How do designers structure the projects (required content / features / information) for the best quality?

Required content

  •  Team work is required to achieve the goals since they will help each other out.
  •  Sharing of knowledge and creative ideas as each member will have their own specialties.
  • Good communication is essential when group members interact with one another.
  • The work is evenly distributed to every member in the group.
  • The group has to keep in mind throughout project that the output of the project should be of good quality that meets the client’s requirement.

Information required

  •  The content is made of standard English words so that people will be able to understand them
  • The tips and ideas have to doable and attainable by the target demographic
  •  The information should be illustrated to attract peoples attention

Tools / software used to manage the project

  • Microsoft Visio
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop Flash Pro CS6


  • The tips and ideas are hard to achieve.
  • The target audience will not be attracted by the poster
  • Going over the budget that was set.
  • Cannot meet the project schedule
  • Cannot attain the required materials for the project


  • The designer and clients have to constantly communicate with one another.
  • The clients should constantly view the progress of the project.
  • Every team member has to know the objectives and aim of the project.
  • The designers have to be constantly aware of time to ensure that they are within the schedule.
  • The designers should be aware of the budget that has been set when carrying out the project.


  • The target audience is able to practice the tips and ideas
  • The environment will improve
  • All the task listed in the schedule is carried out in a timely manner
  • The budget is not exceeded
  • The client is satisfied with the project outcome

Delivery medium

  • T-Shirt
  • Pillar Poster
  • Animation
  • Banner
  • Toilet door poster
  • Eco Friendly recycle bag
  • Paper cup


(Part 2)

Identify the type of artworks (formats) to be done

  • T-Shirt
  • Pillar Poster
  • Banner
  • Toilet door poster
  • Eco Friendly recycle bag
  • Paper cup

Draft the prototype of each artwork by including the elements of graphic design



Pillar Poster



 format design

Toilet door poster


Eco Friendly Recycle bag


Paper cup

Describe the use (purpose) of these design elements in your artworks

  • T-Shirt – The shape of the globe is round since the earth sphere shaped. Curved lines were used to create the circle.  The color of the globe is green to represent a greener and more eco-friendly earth. The rabbit carrying the globe (which means that the earth’s health is on our shoulders) conveys the message that it is our responsibility to care for the wellbeing of planet earth.The back of the T-Shirt has the 3R symbol to show that it is our responsibility to follow the 3R concept for our earth. The 3R symbol will also be green to convey that is related to nature. For Value, the T-shirt will be white except for the 3 objects in it so there will be contrast. The T-shirt will be made out of cotton so that it will be soft and comfortable.
  • Pillar Poster – For Line, the heart that comprises of 3 puzzle pieces in it will have red bold lines to signify its importance. The heart shape was used to demonstrate love and care for planet earth. Those 3 puzzles with the words Reduce, Reuse and Recycle were used to show that it has to be fitted together for the betterment of the earth. The color of those 3 puzzle pieces will be light green for it to be associated to nature. The words in the puzzle pieces will also be bolded in black so that the eye will be attracted to it. The trunk with its core below the Heart is also significant because it means that core of the earth depends on the 3R’s. The trunk will be translucent so that core view be able to be seen to show that the core is very important.  The background of the Pillar Banner will be cream colored so that the other objects will be the focal point. The Pillar Poster will be made of glossy vinyl so that it will have a shiny tint to it.
  • Banner – There are a combination of curved and straight lines used in the logo in the banner. Green is the main color used in the logo. Then there is a curved line used to represent the path designed with the footsteps to show that it is a pathway and green will be used as the color for the path as the tagline is “Take The Green Path”.  The globe and the thought bubble is in the shape of almost a circle therefore curved lines will be used as well as the leaf. The leaf is used to advice people to go green. Triangular shapes are also used in the arrows of the 3R’s logo. In the sense of color, green which is a secondary color will be used a lot in the banner because it denotes nature and refreshment. Brown will also be used because it means earth and nature and it is suitable in our design. The background color of the banner will possibly be light color such as cream, ivory or beige because these are the neutral colors and it provides an earthy quality to it. The material to make the banner will be vinyl therefore it will gives the vinyl kind of texture.
  • Toilet door poster – Different line has different visual quality. It has a variety of characteristics with each of them convey different messages to the audience. I have round shape, cylinder shape and geometric shape in the design to represent different objects. For all the objects inside my design, I will use the proper colour to design it. For background colour, I will use one light colour or three different light colours on three parts, which are the reduce, reuse and recycle. I used different colour to deliver different meaning. Light colour is used as background colour to harmonize with the objects on the design. The amount of contrast applied on the background and the objects bring the effect that I want for the design. Different value produced such as the gradient applied on words will grab the attention of the audiences. Different material used in design can create different texture. For the toilet door design, I design it on a poster and paste it behind the toilet door. Visual texture such as the layers of text, shapes and lines will be used to pay more attention on the parts that audiences should be more focus on. Different format will suit with different designs. For the poster of the toilet door, I design it based on the size of the door. Since I am not design on the whole door, so normally the measurement is 148 cm height by 60cm width. The shape is a portrait rectangle. When someone is using the toilet, he or she will read the poster at the back of the door at the same time to spend the time since he or she has nothing to do.
  • Eco Friendly Recycle bag -design with the word “Say ‘NO’ to plastic bag”, conveys the message to people less use the plastic bag because it’s very hard to decompose on land. The 3R symbol is to show people and remind people always remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle on daily life.The color of the bag using green color to represent nature, freshness, environment to our life and the word will fill with black color to get attention of people . This recycle bag will made with cotton,it can be wash with the machine and it’s renewable resource.
  • Paper  cup-The word “throw ‘ME’ to the blue RECYCLE BIN” show the clear and direct message to people who using this paper cup.This cup is made by paper, so it can decomposes quite easily. Paper cup are recyclable,
    compared to the plastic cups, paper cups is safe to use while consuming hot and cold drink. The word “throw ‘ME’ to the blue RECYCLE BIN”design with green color to represent recycle, nature and life to people, to remind them save our earth with the simple message. The mascot is used in the design to make it more interesting and to let people know about our mascot.


(Part 3)

Describe your consideration in page composition

  • How to achieve balance in optical weight
  • The size of the visual elements
  • The use of visual rhythm
  • Describe the options used in the layout design


  • Pillar Poster

The size of the heart compromising of 3 puzzles was made significantly larger than the rest of the objects so that it will be the focal point of the banner pillar. The words in each of the puzzles were also made bigger so that the message will be another focal point to the audience.

To achieve balance in optical weight the word Recycle was drawn bigger since Reduce and Recycle on top have taken up the same amount of space. The line of leaves drawn when from bigger to smaller since the trunk with its core does not take up much space whereas the Heart above fills up more space.

The use of visual rhythm can be seen with the line of leaves drawn since it urges the audience to view the Heart at the top of the pillar poster.

The F-layout was used in the design on the Pillar Banner especially when reading the 3 words in the heart. The audiences are supposed to first focus from the top and upper left corner to right side of the pillar banner.

  • T-Shirt

The bunny and the green globe were made equally large since both these objects are equally important. Both of them are significant in the image because we as humans and the earth itself need to rely on one another in life.  The 3R symbol at the back of the T-Shirt is very big too since it should be a focal point to the audience.

The optical weight will be balance because these 3 objects are quite large which means that it will take up quite a fair bit of space so the occurrence of too much empty spacing will not occur.

Visual Rhythm implement with the 3R symbol since each arrow has a word in them so the audience’s eyes will drift from one word to another with the arrows guiding them.

Path layout was used for the T-shirt since a more organic approach was used for the design.

  • Banner

The banner is mostly filled with figures rather than words because the pictures can represent thousand words. The banner is designed in a way that it has an asymmetrical balance. The elements in the banner are off-centered and hence there will be more possibilities on how to arrange the elements in order to create interesting designs. The logo is supposed to be big enough for the viewers to see as well as the tagline below it. Some information about 3R’s will be shown beside it and at the right part of the banner, some images that has messages in it will be inserted to convey the message to the audience. The design of the banner has its own flowing rhythm in which there will be picture, text and then picture. The banner has the F-layout as the logo, tagline and some of the information will all be placed at the left side of the banner and they are the more important part that the audience need to see and get to know about them. The viewers will tend to read or see the elements that are placed at the left side of the banner first then only slowly move and get to the right part of the banner.

  • Toilet door poster

Asymmetrical balance- The twigs and the leaves will be drawn at the left side of the design which act as the environmental design that has the meaning of go green. The right side will present the 3R information with graphics and texts. The information will occupy more space compared to the twigs and leaves. It creates the asymmetrical balance in the design.

On the right bottom corner, I draw a small mascot for the 3R design which creates the awareness of 3R in helping the world. The object is relatively small compared to the other objects inside my 3R design. It create the visual impact that the audiences should focus more on the objects in information part. The dimension of the design is also set based on the measurement of door to have a standard expected size in mind. For the toilet roll drawn in the design, I purposely draw a long length of toilet paper to be rolled out because I want to emphasize that we should make a good use of toilet paper to stop wasting the resources.

I applied the alternating rhythm and progressive rhythm as well. For alternating rhythm, the leaves and the twigs are drawn on the left side of the design, while the right side of the design is full with information of text and graphics. For progressive rhythm, the text for reduce, reuse and recycle is bold and larger compared to the text of the information. The title will be emphasized and they will know what the poster is about. When the audiences view the design from top to bottom, the rhythm of different styles of text will bring the visual effect on which part to grab more attention from them.

I used F layout in my design. All the information include graphics and text are next to the big twigs and leaves near one another. The twigs and leaves which are irregular and organically shaped element are next to the information in geometric shape, since I separated it using lines. Some words that I used in design are emotionally loaded such as the words at the back of first sentence in every part of the information. The toilet roll is also emphasized in this way because it strengthen the concepts of 3R.

  • Eco Friendly recycle bag

In this design i apply F-layout,the word of the  bag can clearly describe the meaning to people rather than using a lot of picture or element inside.

  • Paper cup

I used F layout in this design.Although paper cup only one line of words inside, but its can easily remind people who using this cup remember throw the cup to the blue recycle bin after finish their drink.



Animation – Tess Loh May Fern

Animation clip – Yu Tian

 Animation clip – Lay Yee

Animation – Wei Wei

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