[Group 5: lx] Project Report

Project Report MMD2201: Graphic Design and Animations

Group Name: lux


  1. Alexander Januar Harvy
  2. Danesh A/L Durairetnam
  3. Jeremy Khaira
  4. Nyvesh Vynn Chander


Title: An environmental 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) design that informs and encourages the viewer via simple comic-styled designs. The designs will emphasize a theme on environmental destruction in contrast to nature’s beauty.

Abstract: Comics have been used in many forms of publications that in various forms are used to inform, educate and entertain its viewers. For our environmental design, we will be using simple comic-styled art to inform and encourage the viewer to reduce, reuse and recycle. The reason why we choose a comic-styled approach is because it is easier to grab the attention of younger viewers in campus using an art form they can immediately familiarize with.

Objectives :

1. To reduce the amount of waste in Malaysia.
2. To promote awareness of the conservation of the environment.
3. To educate the society about the the importance of conserving the environment.
5. To improve the awareness of the 3R elements.
6. To improve the knowledge of the society in INTI-IU campus on the issues occuring in the environment.
7. To create an attractive designs for various formats to be implemented in INTI-IU campus.
8. To create an informative explanation about the environment through animation clips.

The use of a destruction theme will make more of an emotional impact on the viewer. The visuals will create an impression on the loss of natures beauty due to environmental destruction.

The design will also incorporate large and impactful lettering to emphasize certain points. Our design will use a minimalist or plain background to reduce the clutter of the overall design.


1. Group decision on certain design elements.

2. Time management among team members.

3. Miss-communication



  1. Short comic.
  2. Character with speech/thought bubble.
  3. Visual infographic.
  4. Environment awareness postal design.


Output Formats:

  1. T-Shirt.
  2. Pin Badge.
  3. Poster on door.
  4. Back of the Chair.
  5. Sticker.
  6. Reusable Cups.


The tools used in the design of static 2D content will be done with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. The tool for animation will be Adobe Flash.



Team Mascot: Sapling

Designed by: Danesh





Jeremy’s Designs

Poster Design

tree poster


Final Poster Design




The location of the posters will be on the front of classroom doors which will be in the dimensions of 29.7 x 42.0cm which is the common standard for an A3 sized poster but in a horizontal orientation.


Cup Design



Final  Cup Design

Cup Design




Due to the lack of time and and experience in Adobe Flash, the designer was unable to achieve the animation he wanted, thus he was unable to complete the Animation as planned. However, due to the lessons learned in the weekly class practicals, the designer was able to be resourceful and use the effect learned as part of his animation.


Nyvesh’s Design:

Design for the chair



chair design



Final Chair Design













storyboard (1)nyvesh



Danesh’s Design:



T-Shirt Design


Final Shirt Design


Pin Badge Design



Final Pin Badge Design



Alex’s Design:



Sticker design




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