Advertisement Bundle



In my advertisement bundle, I’ve chosen to have the carrot as the product to bundle it. As we all know, carrot is good for the eyes as it is also scientifically proven. In this first phase, it will be of this, the background is empty. The bottle of the carrot and also, to make it look more natural, I display real carrots into the advertisement too.


This as the second and final phase, we can see that I’ve added that of the logo of our group into the bottle. I placed it above the brand of the bottle is that it will be good for all of the viewers to see it. We can’t place it over the brand name, who does that? So it will be common and easy for the viewers to see that logo on top of the brand. Besides that, I’ve added the tagline, “Love your eyes” below the logo. As this will look and make it look better, why do I use black colour for the words you ask? This is because the background of it is orange, so to use a black colour is good and to contrast it and let the viewers see it easier. This is all for my advertisement bundle. Thank you.




Poster Report Progress


As for my part, I will create the Poster. This is how my poster will look like. In the first phase, I created the background with the help of a picture. And the mascot you see here is that I created using photoshop as the tool. The background is not too contrast to the mascot as this level of contrast is good enough to leave the eye at ease when looking at this. The mascot here we use the eyes is in conjunction with the Eye Care Campaign theme. It is related to the eyes, so we created this mascot with a big eye.




In the second phase of my poster creation, I created the scroll, that scroll is to be able to display the contents of the info of the campaign. The scroll, you see I got it from online. Also you can see the below it, the small pictures are the partners in our campaign. Above that scroll, it will be our logo. We chose this pink colour because it matches that of our background and most of all, it is the colour pink that symbolises caring and love and etc.


Lastly, this is the complete poster I created with photoshop. The last part I inserted was the words “Come Join Us” that is above the mascot. This to let the people or viewers see this poster and to be aware of the campaign and join us in the eye care campaign. That’s all for my progress part for my Poster. Thank you.




Animation Clip Report Progress



Here u can see that this my first scene in my flash animation clip. The clip firstly will be that of the mascot will walk from right to the left to the store that’s on the left side of the clip. Also, besides that, the background is a picture I taken from the internet. The contrast of the picture and the store and also the mascot will all be pleasing to the eye. Not too much contrast. Once the mascot move to the left, the mascot will speak words that are of the above. Speaking that it loves carrot juice and will buy it in the shop and will drink it later back home. The words will appear when the mascot walks to the shop.




In the second scene, you can see it that this scene consist of the background of the kitchen. This is because, the earlier scene the mascot will be back home to drink the carrot juice. The mascot firstly will enter the scene and then the mascot will then walk down to the middle of the kitchen and will walk to the left over to the kitchen table to grab the carrot juice bottle the mascot bought earlier in the first scene. The mascot will then drink the carrot juice, and once we drank it, the mascot will say a few words such as “the carrot juice is yummy!”. This is to say that carrot juices taste good.




Finally, this is the last scene of the work. The background is the living room. The mascot will walk from the right to the left to talk about the eye campaign that is going to be held in a few days. Firstly, the mascot stop at the right of the scene and will then speak that the carrot juice helps to prevent diseases. And secondly, the mascot will talk to inform about there will be an eye campaign that will take place soon in the INTI University. Lastly, it will display that of the scroll, from the poster so that people will be more attracted to the scene when they see this. Also, they can also focus more on this scroll with information from the background colour. This scroll colour is contrast and will attract the eyes to look at it. This is the short progress work of my work. Thank you.




Personal Reflection 


  • How do you feel about doing this project?   

I feel that doing this project is good for us as once we are good at this (photoshop & flash) we could edit and give us more knowledge in our daily lives.

  • How was the interaction of the group? Why?

The interaction of the group is good in all. We could communicate all well, we use English and Mandarin to communicate with each other. Why is because, we always give each other opinions on that particular matter. That is how it is done.

  • What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?

The problems that we face is that of the photoshop tools and the flash tools. That is the common problems all of us faced during our assignment. We solve it with a new guessing and help each other with it.

  • How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?

I rate my own performance as of average as sometimes I need help from my group members and that why it is average. The project performance is great. As because all of us put in effort to complete it, we have our own ideas and give out ideas to other members to that we can make it better and to stand out from the other groups.

  • What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?

Well, the differences? There’s not much of different as all the learning tools and environment are all the same. All the classes have the same environment as this.

  • Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses?

Well, as I mentioned before, the other courses or subjects are teaching similarly of this subject. And they university could add more options to it. For example, as tutorial online and teaching online? With videos? That’s my suggestion.

  • Why? How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

Why? It is important as we as a group we can complete all the tasks and also when facing problems, we can do it. Collaboration is the corner stone in a group. If without it, then it will all be nothing and all will not be complete. This is important as all group need collaboration with each other to complete it all.

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