Ways and Ideas in Advertisement Bundle

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Advertisement Bundle, What does it mean? Well, as my opinion, it is a way of sending out a message or an awareness of a particular product, event or an idea to the public. The public is the targeted user and they are in advertising terms called as consumers or audience. The outcome of this advertisement bundle to is persuade the consumers to either do something or buy the product.  (LinkedIn Corporation, 2014) (Advertisements, 2014)

Companies uses many kinds of advertisement bundle to let the public to be aware of that product or idea. These companies are of well known status brand from all over the world such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, F&N, 100 plus and many more. These well known, big companies uses this to their advantage to attract the consumers to be aware of a particular idea or event. (Marked by Teachers, 2014)

How do they attract the consumer’s eyes? Well, the companies will change the design layout of their product to suit the particular event. Say for example, if there is an event going on, the Olympics companies will take this opportunity to advertise their product as a bundle with this event. Companies such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, McDonalds, 100 Pus will all be doing this to promote the event to make the consumers, us to be aware of the event that’s going on right now. This is a brief introduction of the advertisement bundle.  (Advertising – An Introduction , 2014)



Samples And My Opinion

Xbox One Bundle


The sample above is an advertisement bundle of a console and a game. From my own understanding of this advertisement bundle, the main product that this advertisement is Xbox One Console. Since it was recently released, it is to be the main of the advertisement. the secondary advertisement which is the game titled “Titanfall”.  The game will be bundled together with the Xbox One Console to make this offer a more interesting one. This is based on an event advertisement since this is a new product that just got released. I categorised this as a gaming console and the brand of this is from Microsoft. The use of the colours in the background will be based on the game background, this is because, since it is a game that consist of fighting with enemies, the background image of this advertisement is of cities that are destroyed by this event. As for the design, this is quite a simple as the left side of the image displays the box of the console, the middle is the console itself and the right is the game that is bundled together.  As we can see, this is advertisement is straight forward. Displaying the console and the game in it. it gives us a clear and simple understanding of this advertisement.


PS4 Bundle 


As of the previous one, it is the same. As you can clearly see this is a gaming console and the company that build this console is SONY. This is the fourth generation of the console as you can clearly see it as “PS4” for short. This is also classified as an event advertisement bundle. The game name “The Last of Us” is about the world population gets infected by a certain virus that turns people to zombies. There are many killings and dark times and sad instances, this is why the background colour is in black colour to support the game story and also, the console is also in black colour too. To match the background colour. This time, the console is placed on the right side, and to make it more appealing, the game name is placed on the left and is enlarged so that people will focus more on the game and be interested in it. Because there are killings and not appropriate for children. There is “18 and above” symbol at the bottom right of the advertisement to remind the buyers that this is not for under age kids to play.




This advertisement bundle is of drink category. The brand consist of two brands, Coca Cola and Mcdonalds. This advertisement bundle is an event advertisement. It is based on the 2012 Olympics which was held in London. The main product is the cups. These cups are special editions Olympics cup that is from Coca Cola. To get the cups, as it states that you need to get a set of Mcdonalds to be able to purchase the cup. This happened before with the World Cup and other international events. This also is to let the people know that the Olympics Games is underway during that time. This is to promote the Olympic Games to the audience worldwide. Besides that, the colour that are in used, the background colour is plain white is to let the audience to focus on the products, the colourful cups that is in the centre of the image. Also, there is a “FREE” word, which they emphasise on to make the readers to purchase the Mcdonalds set to be able to get it free. Not to mention that they also emphasise on the total of 6 cups to be collected. Which is to say that, the audience will have 6 chances to grab this special edition cup.


World Cup


As you can clearly see the image above. This is an advertisement bundle with Coca Cola during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil not long ago. This can be categorised as drink and the brand here is obviously is Coca Cola. This advertisement is based on an event, the World Cup tournament. What is this advertisement so special you ask? Well, the cups that are on top of the boxes are in gold colour. These are special editions cups for the World Cup tournament. Why are they in gold colour? That is because, if you notice the boxes, there is a gold trophy printed to the box, the gold cups are to emphasise on the golden trophy. The boxes are in red colour. This is to relate to the Coca Cola colour scheme which is red in colour. Besides that, the gold coloured cups has the same colour as of the golden trophy is to make them look similar. Both of this colours will attract audience to get this cup as it is special edition after all.


Olympics 2012


In this image above, it describes about the use of social media during the London Olympic in 2012. This image is about informing us the social media that during the event of the Olympics, these social media application is updating and giving reports of the Olympic results and updates to the masses in the social media. This advertisement is easy for us all to understand what it meant. This is obviously an event advertisement. This is advertisement is to let the audience realised that this 5 social media is updating and reporting the Olympics Games to the them, so that those who couldn’t watch it live can get the results and updates through this 5 applications. The location to my opinion can be said as worldwide. This is because, it can be used anywhere in the world. The colour representation is all according to their own colours as all of this applications have their own colour. The placing of the application is between the circles of the Olympics logo. This will let the audience understand that this social media application is all being used during the Olympics Games. The design is just simple and easy. They do not need to change the design as these applications already have their own application logo and symbols to represent themselves.  This is my evaluation on this image.


PS3 Bundle


The above image you can see that it’s clearly a bundle advertisement. This bundle advertisement is telling the viewers or audience that whenever you purchase that particular TV set, you will be able to claim those products that are listed below it. This advertisement is categorized as a device advertisement since it includes all types of devices such as the game console, 3D glasses, console games and etc. the brand of this advertisement is obviously from SONY. If you realised that all of this products are from SONY and that’s why this is a perfect advertisement bundle. Combining all different products from the same brand name. Besides that, this advertisement is during Christmas. This is an event only advertisement. Most likely this is for audience in the US market, since they do have this type of sales over there. Colour usage in this image is colourful. As you can see, the background is consist of black and white. Also, the sentence, “All I want for Christmas is…” this phrase in particular reveals that it is for Christmas. Besides that, the word “Bonus” is in capital letters and is bold to let the audience focus more on the white wording first then only they will focus on the yellow colour wordings. On the right side of the image, they are images of the other products and of course, the TV is placed at the back so that audience will look at it. And why the image of cars you say? That is because, they would like to emphasise on the console game and to tell the audience this is such a wonderful game.


Personal Refection / New Ideas

After all the samples pictures I have seen. I roughly have a good idea on how to contribute my part to my group assignment later on. My individual title is Advertisement bundle, so to add new ideas for my group assignment, I can give ideas on how to advertise our campaign logo, the design of our image, giving ideas on our new tagline for our campaign. As this is a group assignment, my group will still see how my new ideas will suit for the eye care campaign. Ideas that I have is that, for this care for the eyes campaign, the visual elements will need to be of appropriate for this campaign. We cannot use the colour red for instance as a background or for wording, this is because, the red colours do not match with our campaign. In today class, our kind lecturer gave us hints and new ideas for our campaign, such as green or blue. To my own understanding, what she meant was that green colour might be for vegetables? And blue colour might be for water? This is my thoughts about that.

Besides that, I have came up with an idea that for our eye care campaign, we could use a face of a boy or girl winking and giving a thumbs up about caring more for our eyes. Also, adding a tagline below it will let our audience focus on out tagline and our image. How about the logo? The logo will then be placed at the right hand side of the image. All in all, this will be an interesting one for me and my group members to dig deep for new ideas. What I mentioned here will not be our final product as this is just an idea of mine for my group assignment and it will eventually be different. Thank you.



As my conclusion, I will end it in a simplest way possible. After what I have seen and gone through. This individual assignment gave me a lot of new ideas and with a good understanding of the products that are displayed in the class, on the web and also through some deep thoughts of the advertisement bundle samples. I am confident that for out group assignment, I will contribute more ideas on how to design and craft out the logo and etc. I will give my ideas to my group members and with my ideas they can have a much better idea. As a whole, I am pretty confident that we will succeed and make our lecturer proud or at least satisfied with our group assignment.





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