Personal Reflection

Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

Personal Reflection


Overall, I would say that this was a good experience. The material learned in the syllabus acts as a stepping-stone to truly learning both these software’s. In terms of how I felt in doing this project, I took this as a learning experience. I was learning and experimenting with a lot of things.


The interaction among the group members was good. We didn’t have any arguments or disagreements, and we helped each other in learning and doing the project.


The only problem I would say that we faced, as a group was something I think a lot of other groups faced too; time management. We could have managed out time more efficiently.


Evaluating myself, I think I did a good job, both in terms of the posters and animation I did. I successfully applied some tricks I learned along the way into my works, and even though I was on a very tight schedule, I managed to finish the project on time.



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