Progress Report #3 – Event Bunting and Animation clip

Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

To do the bunting, I first wanted to create a bokeh design as the background. To do this, I first defined a custom brush. After drawing a circle using the ellipse tool. I then adjusted the opacity level and the stoke settings.



I then used the edit- define brush preset to create the brush.



After making the background black, I added a gradient to a new layer and changed the blending mode to overlay. Then I started drawing circles with the custom brush. I used three layers of this type, each type drawing the circles in different sizes and adding a Gaussian blur in different pixels.


Then I drew two rectangles, one close to the top and the other close to the bottom. I added our logo and tagline to the top one and added the venue details of the event to the bottom one.


Then I added details of our awareness campaign into the middle part and drew a heart shape, followed by the words “Your eyes”, exchanging the word “love” in the tagline for a heart.


Finally I added the sponsor details to the very bottom and after applying a brightness/contrast adjustment layer, the event bunting was finished.




At this stage of the group project, I have finished the posters and am currently developing the animation clip.

Animation clip- How to prevent from eye disease

For the animation clip, my strategy was to give information and also show that information through photos. So while my animation clip has 10 points about how to prevent from eye diseases, I put relevant information about every point and an informative photo.

For the animation, I used all 3 available tweens, the motion tween, shape tween and the classic tween. At the start, I put a custom made button to start the animation. Music will be playing along for the entire duration of the animation, except at the very last part where it stops for our campaign logo.

One of the problems I faced was that the time I initially gave for the points wasn’t enough to read all the sentences. So I added more frames to those parts.




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