Progress Report #2 – Advertisement Bundle

Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

At this stage of the group project, I am developing the event bunting for the poster, and I’m using a coca cola can for the advertisement bundle.

Advertisement bundle- Coca-Cola can

The reason why I chose the coke can for my advertisement bundle product is that Coca-Cola is one of the most widely used and recognizable beverages in the world. It reaches millions of people everyday, and this will be a great opportunity for any awareness campaign.


I first downloaded a photo from the Internet of a Coca-Cola can. I then used the quick selection tool to select the can and isolate it and used the content aware fill and the patch tool to clear the content on the can.

This is the original image.


This is after I have isolated the image and currently using the patch tool.


After making the can clear, I made a new design for the can. The design was made using our logo and a drawing of two hands reaching and cupping hands from opposite directions. This is derived from the cupping hands used in our logo.


I then added the Coca-Cola to the design and gave the can a heading, which was our tagline “Love your eyes”.


I arranged the hands so that it can be read “Your Coca-Cola”, by going down from one hand to the other. The idea behind this was to make the design more engaging.

Finally, I used another photo downloaded from the Internet as the background. After placing the can on the image, I used brushes that I downloaded from the Internet to make a water splash around and beneath the can. After applying a brightness/contrast adjustment layer, my design was finished.




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