Personal Reflection

Mufhim Anees Hussain, i14004701


Personal Reflection


The project is very interesting, as designers in the real world, we will need to create and design products for campaigns similar to this. So I was very excited to tackle this project head on, albeit my bad management, especially with regards to time, how i feel about it is very positive.


Group interaction was good, albeit a bit minimal. We could be more collaborative and share more ideas. We split the workload dependent upon who was assigned what in assignment 1 so that the knowledge could be carried forth, I think that is very healthy.

I think the most immediate problem was time. This semester is very heavy and different people come from different dynamics of the same course like their year and interests. So it was definitely a problem. The motivation was not there, not consistently anyway. So everyone was just rushing and feeling pressured to do it, not because they wanted to do a good job, to learn something.


I would rate it maybe 3 out of 5. I wish I had helped my group members more. I helped one of them extensively, because he lives next door to me and we just hang out all the time. So we find ourselves discussing the project often and it’s just very convenient. But the other member was a bit left in the dark. I did help him and give him suggestions, but his schedule was not very free and conflicts resulted in us not working as much together physically.


The learning environment is different. The online based journals and such are interesting, but I feel that as students we are being forced to use these. I do not know the psychological contexts of this towards student understanding and progress, but as a student I think it’s just more of a hassle. I am currently taking CS50 course from Harvard University as part of their Open Source Learning on iTunes University. I think that is a good dynamic to look at for a different take on learning. Instead of replying on blackboard they have a unique interactive website with the content. Blackboard is very static and it feels like a distribution platform, it fails as something interactive.


I could prefer it this sort of learning. But the execution is just not there. It’s getting there. I think students who are having more trouble can be helped. Maybe we can have a class gathering every week or so where everyone just sits together and throw ideas and just discuss at a place outside of class. I think that’s a better form or collaboration.


Obviously it is crucial to collaborate. We exchange ideas and formulate new ones based off this knowledge. So I would say it is of the utmost importance. I have acquired my design skills being self taught and throw training seminars with professionals in the industry, and I love sharing my knowledge with my friends so they can become better.

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