Progress Report #2 – Advertisement Bundle

Mufhim Anees Hussain – i14004701


My group mate Zeeshan had already laid out choices that we can use as potential bundle products as his research was based on this. From the products I chose water bottle. I chose it because it’s something that’s very frequently used, so I wanted to go about designing across it. My goal was to make sure the work was professional and tidy so that people would not be able to tell if it was indeed photoshopped.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.12.22 AM

First as always, I searched for a stock image of a water bottle on google. I found the evian bottle from a blog and the aesthetic was different from everyday water bottles that you see. It was more premium so I decided to go with it.

I imported this picture into Photoshop along with our logo. I made a rough selection to get rid of the background. When we designed the logo we made a monochromatic version of it, so all I needed to do was import this version of our logo and just put it there. I adjusted the colour of the logo with a gradient fill sampling from the evian text colour which is also a gradient of red hue. The underline below the tagline is of a more pink hue. I experimented and went with a blend of the red and the pink underneath. It yielded the most balanced result. Another important aspect I considered was making the gradient from fill to transparent. So that the colour of the water bottle is actually visible underneath, this makes the logo look blended into the water bottle. I inserted our tagline and just copied the same layer style onto it, just adjusting the angle of the gradient.

I duplicated the water bottle layer to make the back view of the bottle. I applied content aware fill to get rid of the logo and text that was on the front view.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.17.23 AM

Then I duplicated our logo and the tagline. Then adjusted the fill colour of the gradient to a dark shade of blue. Again the same transparency concept was applied here, but for the tagline I went with something more robust and bold instead of going with the transparent fill. I copied the layer style onto the main description from the tagline and changed the character settings to increase character spacing as well as give it more leading to be more readable.


The other parts are just garnish, I just made the background a gradient fill and put the words front view and back view making a reflection feel. It was done using a mask and the gradient fill from black to transparent.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.19.13 AM

I think the presentation is very important so I always tend to go the extra mile on this.

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