Personal Reflection



How do you feel about doing this project?

I am in third semester and this by far the toughest and most stressful project I have done so far. It required a lot of time and patience. Yet I gained alot of experience and knowledge, especially about animations.

How was your interaction with group?

We interacted mostly on the Whatsapp group or the Google Docs. Group members were very helpful, especially group leader who helped me whenever I got stuck in the assignment. We discussed about the problems, shared what we had made, and by mutual understanding and approvals made decisions.

What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?

The problem the entire group faced was time problem. The problem I myself faced was regarding Adobe Flash, I knew nothing about Flash a month ago, so I faced alot of obstacles while making the animation, while making the animation at some point I always got stuck or failed. Yet by this failure I learnt alot about Adobe Flash itself and I came to know about my weakness on which I would work upon in the future and try to overcome it.

How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?
I would rate myself a 6 out of 10.

What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?

This was my first experience in such a learning environment, so it seemed a bit confusing and complicated at first and it seemed difficult to adjust in such environment, but as time passed it became very beneficial, informative and challenging which made it exciting and better than the other classes.

Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses?


How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

It was of alot of importance and we could learn so much from each other, then we could appreciate the designs others have made. And it taught us about teamwork and in which area someone is very strong and talented so that students who are weak in that area can go and take guidance from them.


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