Progress Report #2 – Web Banner

WEB BANNER (Muhammad Zeeshan – I14004911)

There were allot of things I had to do before starting designing my web banner, first was about finding a background wallpaper that matches with our official color theme which is blue and orange. So I decided to choose a bright orange background that would attract the attention of its viewers just by the color. I was also trying to find a texture in the background. Finally I found a suitable background.

The next thing I did was to find out about the official web banner sizes and came to know that according to International Advertisement Bureau (IDB) the official size of a web banner is 700 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

I then finally opened Photoshop, adjusted the page size and started working upon my part.

The first thing I did I imported the picture I had chosen as the background and made the background. My second and third step was to import the logo created by my group mates, I imported it then, created a duplicate layer of the logo and brought it in my current project. I then made it small by using free transform tool and placed it near the center.

My fourth step was to add texts to the poster. I used three different font styles, the first one was LUCIDA HANDWRITING, I used that to write the main heading known as “EYE CARE”, the second font was kind of our official one which all of us used for our taglines, which was MARKETING SCRIPT, I wrote my tagline and top heading with it, which were “This December – We Check Your Eyes for FREE” and “Love Your Eyes”. The third font I used was a basic one, TIMES NEW ROMAN. I used it to tell about the date and the venue of the event.

In the end finally make date and venue highlighted i drew a rectangle shape around it using the rectangle tool. I used the fill colour light orange because my background is bright orange so when a person sees the poster their first view or the first thing they notice is the main message, and then they realize and read the text written inside the rectangle box.

First copy

In the end I whatsapped it to my friend and got their approvals upon it. I save the file as PNG and PSD. I saved it in PSD so that all my layers are saved and secured and that I could edit them whenever I need to whenever I feel like.


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