Progress Report #1 – Advertisement Bundle

1. Tissue Box (M. Zeeshan – I14004911)

tissue box

Well the advertisement bundle I choose was the tissue box. Tissues are the biggest asset to clean our eyes, so targeting them and joining them would obviously leave a huge mark. As whenever people will use the tissue box to take out the tissues they would for sure read the message and that would leave a positive mark.

Another reason for choosing the tissue box is that the product is very reliable and long lasting. Reliable in the sense that nearly everyone in their home have a tissue box, there are very few people who don’t use tissues and long lasting in the sense that there are alot of tissues in a box, and the tissue box last more than alot of products in the house thus makes itself visible to alot of people including the guests.

While designing it, I first imported the picture of tissue box which I took from the internet, I then imported our logo in white color, and made a duplicate layer of it and place it onto different places on the tissue box. Then after choosing a specific position, I inserted the tagline to it.

The challenge I faced while designing this was removing the color from the logo, to make it look good on the tissue box. That’s because our original logo color was light blue and that was not at all matching with the red color of the tissue box.

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