This logo is made to attract the people that love to see football match as this ways to celebrate after goal is common in football match. This because the fan of football always sleep late to see the football match because we got different time zone with Europa so this logo can attract the football fan. We can know that the love of football fan to football they with feel familiar when they see they logo and they will introduction the logo to their friend. The reason I aim the football fan is because their always sleep late but wake up early to work or study this cause them face the problem of the high risk to get the dieses of eyes.


The meaning of the hands is everyone can do it by their own hands and didn’t depend at other and we can lend you a hand to help you love and care your eyes as the slightly different of the hand you can see that as the different of the fingers . The meaning of the heart is love and care your eyes as that got a pair of eyes inside the heart. The full meaning of this logo is everyone should  love and care their eyes themselves as that is no one will eyes your eyes expect you and we should lend you a hand when you need.



Before fill the colour of our logo I go to check the sample of hand as our sample colour to make the hand look lively as the real one. I also mention that a hand should have some shadow part and highlight part so I will make the hand in the logo also got the effect of highlight and shadow and the effect in the real hand is just a little bit so I will not make the effect in our logo too much.


This is the final output of our logo. I use pencil tool to fill the highlight and the shadow for the logo to make it have a feel of more depth and seen like 2.5D.I use 3 layer to finish to fill the colour of this logo. I use one layer to keep it shape, one layer to fill the effect of highlight and shadow, one layer fill the colour of hand and heart.


Web banner

After that are web banner, poster and bookmark. We had adding our tagline of our design into the banner, poster, and bookmarks. For the banner, we chose an orange background. Orange color means like orange got full of vitamin C, it is good for us, and the orange can abstract the notification of the audience. I make it as simple as possible and no make it more complicated as the audience can get the information that we want to send out. We also add our logo and animation into the banner.



For the poster, we chose a colorful background which combine of 3 colors. We add our logo, tagline and the detail into the bunting. We chose this picture for our background because the color is bright and it can easy abstract the audience notification, no like other bunting. If a bunting got many information on it, there many audience or people just walk through and lazy to read or see the information on it. Like the bunting below:


So we also make our bunting as simple as possible let the people can get the information quickly and no miss it. This is our event bunting:


Advertisement bundle

Advertisement bundle, we have chosen 3 famous products. First is Nescafe, we chose its cup.  As we can see, there is stack of books and a pair of simple spectacles. What message do we actually want to deliver to the audience? You know, some people suffered from longsightedness, they can’t see things clearly from a short range. This design is telling them if they wear a pair of comfortable spectacles, they could have better vision to read the book. Instead of increasing knowledge, people also need to take care of themselves. Healthy body, healthy organs, healthy eyes and so on. Second one is Pepsi, we chose its can. It has always been a well-known product. People like it. And a tree is smiling and it’s wearing glasses. People are suggested to look at green things, because it will let people feel comfortable. Basically for this, green things refer to tree. So we chose tree as our character in this advertisement bundle. According to many scientist words, they usually say look at tree when you are taking a break to improve vision and also release the tiredness of it. Third is McDonald, we chose its packaging. We inserted spectacles and pictures of earth into. There is a hidden and important message. It has a meaning, we are trying to tell people they should always care about their eyes. Because everyone deserves to have a good vision to see how beautiful the earth is.

3 1 2


Before I do the design of bookmark I go check the common size and shape of bookmark on the Internet and I realize that most of the bookmark is regular of the shape.0

I decide to put our logo and tagline in the bookmark so the public will know the logo is make by us. The tagline I will use is “Love Your Eyes”. I will use the colour that is good for eyes and let the people feel comfortable to see the bookmark and use the bookmark.


This is the final output of our bookmark.I use green colour that is good for eyes for the bookmark and I put our logo inside it and the tagline is “LOVE YOUR EYES”.I change the colour mode form RGB to CMYK that let the colour will same with the print out one.



Fill colour=green


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