Progress report 3

Development progress of clip 

Chu Guan Wee

When I make the clip, I discuss with my group member and we decide to make a short opening that is countdown for 5 until one .I use 30 frame for a second so l use 150 frame for the opening and we make the different ending for ourselves.


I insert a sound that for countdown to make my opening become better as that got sound so it will more attract. I us emotion tween to make the stick spin, I set the time of the stick spin is 1 second a round. After that I am going to design the character of the animation clip. I draw and design the character face, hand, leg and eyes and I name the character as Bob. I make 7 set of movie clip for Bob for the different purpose.


I import so image that found on Internet as my background for different scene. I us e guiding layer to make Bob save the goal and let the ball move forward to the goal cage. The scores will change if the Bob can’t save the ball. Before the ending, the Bob jump was made by the classic tween and Bod will jump by following the guiding layer that I created. The track of the football is also make by the guiding layer so the ball can move by following the line I draw.


After finish what all this I insert the music and make the button to make the animation clip play. The music I insert the music of 2010 world cup to match the theme of football. I created two layer for each sound one is for the countdown voice one is for the music


I use the logo of our group to do the button to make clip start to play after click it.


I have learn how to use to motion tween, classic tween, guiding layer as that is the common way to make tha object move. I also know how to use a button and make it can play clip later clip.

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