Progress report 3

Development process of clip

Lee Wee Peng

First of all, my group members and I created a short start for the video. We made countdown for the video before entering to the interesting part. We set background as first layer, then the word 5,4,3,2,1 as second layer, the line moves clockwise as third layer. After that, I opened four more layers. First one is background, I left it white. Second one is net, it represented the basketball net which is drawn by myself. Third one is character, I have chosen a picture of basketball player from the google and I inserted it into. I used the function of break apart (hot key is ctrl+b) to clear the unwanted part of the picture. Then the last one is ball, I draw it myself. I set a guiding layer for the ball. I draw a path by using pencil tool and I used select tool to make a little adjustment on the path. I move the ball to suit the path at the starting frame and the last frame. I ticked the follow the path option in the guiding layer. I created motion tween in the frames of ball. Then I tested again and again to ensure the flash is smooth, I added more frames for the four layers to let it move slowly. And I deleted the few frames at the way which it’s supposed to be moving faster. I highlighted all the frames excluded the start of countdown and the guiding layer of ball, I copied them and paste it to next frame. I made new guiding layer for the second ball, and created another path for it. I repeated the step of copying and pasting the frames about 2 more times. As a result, the character will be having 4 times of shooting the ball but all failed to score. Then I made an extra blank keyframe, I inserted a picture of spectacle into the frame and I used the brush tool to draw some colorful dots around the spectacle. Then, I inserted a picture of Michael Jordan in cartoon form which it represented the basketball player. First, I added some keyframe for it and the Michael Jordan was first not wearing a spectacle. Then the next keyframes are added, I removed the previous one and inserted a picture of Michael Jordan which is wearing spectacle. Then I copied the four frames again as I already mentioned earlier, I created guiding layer for it also. I made the character achieves the goal for two times. Next, I created new key frames. Michael Jordan popped out and said. Last, I made ending for my clip. Letters popped out and finally formed “The End”. I created shape tween on the frames of letters. Before pass it up, I used text tool to write some words. I made it like the character is talking. And I adjusted the size of the words too.

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