Progress report #3 Animation

Cheong Woon Ping:

My clip’s topic is “how to protect your eye”. First I create a character, that a little girl he always fell down as knocking by the stone. I spent most of my time to draw the little girl. It is very difficult, I use the pen tool draw the little girl. I found that I cannot paint my character with paint bucket tool so I only can use the brush tool slowly fill up the color. After I done color my little girl, I convert her leg into the symbol and make it can move. I also convert her brown to symbol to make it move. After that I draw my own background, there are grass, tree and sun. Sun had converted to symbol and it will shine. I add motion tween between the frames and make the character can move. After done the background, I follow up do my clip content. Let the little girl fell down and find the treasure which is spectacle that he can protect her eye and prevent fell down by knocking by stone. After that, I create another scene and add the button on it, and also add music for my clip. My story line is the little girl fell down every day so I copy the frame and make it run 3 time for day 1,2 and 3 and other 3 day was she found the spectacle then she never fall down again. She also can jump over it. Last I have done my clip.

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